The Skills Challenge is Real

By | 1 minute read | March 15, 2022

In the next three years, as many as 120 million workers in the world’s 12 largest economies may need to be retrained or reskilled as a result of AI and intelligent automation, as per IBM’s Institute of Business Value (IBV) study.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world of work and is impacting everything from our search results to the way we shop to the way companies recruit. And with the number of global cyber-attacks on the rise, the industry demand for professionals in AI, cybersecurity and threat intelligence has never been higher. As a result, AI and Cybersecurity are becoming some of the in-demand areas of expertise for job seekers.

Frank Attaie, General Manager, Technology Sales for IBM Canada discussed this further with higher education experts –   William Gage, Associate Vice President, Teaching and Learning, Office of the Provost, York University and Guy Levesque, Associate Vice-President, Research Support and Infrastructure, University of Ottawa, in this kickoff series – Let’s Talk AI.

Watch the video to learn more about how industry and higher education are working together to help address the skills gap and creating the workforce for future.


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