Building Digital Trust with IBM Security Verify

By and Dhruva Suthar | 3 minute read | July 7, 2021

On July 7, IBM Canada announced the availability of Canadian data residency for IBM Security Verify. This exciting news was shared at ITWC 2021 Digital Transformation Week, where we discussed how best-in-class data sovereignty and compliance controls in the Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution protect data privacy, reduce compliance overhead, and safeguard infrastructure.

During our session, we highlighted three key features of IBM Security Verify:

  • Canadian Data Residency: Data and workload processing reside within Canadian data centers, enabling clients to meet data residency and sovereignty requirements.
  • Protected B Compliant: Data is stored on Protected B compliant cloud infrastructure, enabling clients in the public sector to meet their compliance requirements.
  • High Availability: High performance and service availability maximize continuity and minimize interruption.

Tune into the replay to watch the discussion in detail, but for now, let’s talk about why this announcement matters to the future of your organization.

Frictionless user experiences

In a world of ever-changing threats, organizations are looking to build an IAM strategy along Zero Trust principles. Effective identity and access management (IAM) controls are foundational for building a trusted brand, empowering worker productivity, and delivering a seamless customer experience.

Consumers and employees understand the need for privacy and identity verification, but they also expect a frictionless and secure experience through every digital channel they access. To establish and sustain trust in today’s digital, multi-cloud world, organizations must provide dynamic, risk-based user authentication and profile management across all channels and use cases.

Effective CIAM helps build a trusted brand

By 2022, according to Gartner research, “CIAM will be a key component of a competitive UX strategy by 85% of organizations, up from 40% today.”

A robust consumer identity and access management (CIAM) strategy delivers on-demand, personalized and trusted engagements between the user and the brand that reassures users that their account is safe, access to their data is controlled and limited, and importantly – that your brand can be trusted.

IBM is committed to helping our clients build a trusted brand – and industry watchers are taking notice. IBM was named a CIAM leader in the Q4 2020 Forrester Wave Report in recognition of consent management capabilities, integration with identity verification and fraud management solutions, and a range of authentication options.

Canadian data residency

Location is everything when it comes to real estate. What you may not realize is that the location of your cloud data can be equally important. Data residency in Canada provides better control over privacy, availability, and security – and is essential for building your digital trust for your brand.

With IBM Security Verify now available with Canadian data residency, IBM is enabling the Canadian business environment to:

  • Keep pace with accelerating digital transformation. Supporting a distributed or hybrid workforce demands that you safely empower customer experience and worker productivity. Your service delivery model should allow work from anywhere, on any device, with secure access to necessary technology and information that scales with your business.
  • Start leveraging Zero Trust principles and world-class security.The IBM Security Verify SaaS solution is built on Zero Trust principles integrated with several other industry best-practice security models, ensuring an extra layer of security is always present – no matter how many endpoints you add, or the size of your infrastructure as it expands.
  • Take advantage of choice. IBM Security Verify allows for omni-channel factors that help facilitate the growth and agility of your business through secure but seamless user experiences – whether that’s mobile, Radius, FIDO2, OTP, Push, and more.

Add IBM security smarts to yours

IBM Security Verify securely gives the right people the right access to the resources they need – when and where they need them. Ask us how you can get started.

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