Work Safe, Work Smart

By and Ashek Mahmood | 2 minute read | March 3, 2021

Although no one can predict when we will all return to the workplace, one thing is certain: the pandemic has reimagined how and where we do our work at every level. That is why it’s important for organizations to establish a new work model, one that brings together the necessary HR, security and real estate protocols to promote the health and safety of employees and customers in a way that respects privacy and maximizes engagement.  

Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, or financial institution, you need individualized models to emerge smarter and stronger from this pandemic. A thoughtful approach that is tailored to your company’s needs, keeping each individual in mind, is required. 

IBM’s internal crisis management team is combining expert guidance from IBM’s health officers with public health and government data to create and execute regional work re-entry policies for IBM. To do that, we are leveraging a curated set of digital tools called Watson Works, which helps us provide data-driven insights to make informed decisions about our workplace and our people. 

During our session at Think Summit 2020 we shared how IBM’s Watson Works is designed to provide insights on critical decisions on Workplace Re-entry, Facilities Management, and Worker Safety & Care management to help keep your people safe, confident, and more secure. 

Tune into the Think Summit – Work Safe, Work Smart Session explaining how Watson Works helps companies address COVID-related challenges such as managing facilities, optimizing spaceand prioritize employees’ health, safety and productivity. Watson Works provides technology to support employers to prepare them to return to work and protects employees when they get to work. 

With its suite of embedded AI applications, Watson Works conveniently lets enterprises aggregate and record all hazards from all facilities onto one platformFor example, Thermal camera screening, video analytics, and mobile connectivity can be integrated in our platform to monitor employees for social distancing and face masks and generate alerts for facilities managers with potential hotspots 

IBM has long been a leader in responsible stewardship of technology and protecting people and data. We bring agility and speed to the dynamic circumstances surrounding the pandemic to help you make the right decisions. We start by bringing the right stakeholders together, co-creating the strategy for the new model, then co-executing on the solutions to conform to your company’s guidelines on privacy, safety, security, and ethical standards.  To check your workplace readiness go to our  on line assessment .   

During this crisis, we have an opportunity to bring our entire ecosystem together to work safer, be smarter and emerge stronger. We are all in this together.

Ashek Mahmood, Partner& Practice Leader –AI, IoT & Edge Platforms
IBM Canada