The chef is in the kitchen! Build a recipe that drives success for your business

By and Alok Sahi | 2 minute read | February 1, 2021

More and more companies are looking to efficiently modernize mission-critical applications, securely and reliably, without disrupting their daily business operations.

At IBM, we constantly hear from our clients on their challenges dealing with outdated legacy applications, while trying to adopt and integrate new technologies into existing platforms and frameworks. Legacy applications on aging platforms increase technical debt and imply both a stability and security risk to the business. Typically, they also follow rigid change procedures that slow down digital enablement for the enterprise. Our clients are also facing challenges in hiring and maintaining skilled resources with the knowledge to maintain and update legacy applications.

The good news is that most organizations that are getting started on their journey to Cloud, and are considering modernization of their legacy applications, already have identified or acquired most of the modern technologies and resources in-house. However, they are structured to work in independent business lines with a panoply of technologies used for different purposes, and resources are either limited in their expertise or busy keeping the lights on. Hence, they struggle with how to drive change across the business.

Ultimately, to drive modernization across the organization it is important to build a recipe that drives success. This means focusing on areas that have the most strategic value and proving the recipe with a few right ingredients. To take things further it’s important to build a strategic modernization roadmap and plan that is continuous and incremental and is managed by a centralized body, so that independent business lines are enabled to manage their own transformation while defining customer-first strategies.

With the incremental rollout of the continuous modernization plan, the company acquires the critical capabilities required to swiftly drive modernization at scale to achieve optimal results from limited resource pools.

At IBM Think Summit Canada 2020, two IBM consultants met with their client, Scott – an applications owner, to understand the business challenges he was facing. Watch them as they discuss typical challenges with getting started on modernization and how a cooking analogy leads to understanding the modernization recipe that will deliver the right outcomes.

See the video here :

As IBM did with Scott, I hope that we can work together to ensure your company can better compete, adapt and make new markets – by inventing for growth! To learn more about application modernization, please visit:

Alok Sahi

Practice Leader – Application Migration & Modernization, Associate Partner, IBM Cloud and Application Services