IBM is a qualified provider to deliver Protected B Cloud Services to the Government of Canada

By and Kim Watson | 2 minute read | August 31, 2020

There’s no doubt that for people, businesses and governments across Canada, 2020 has been a difficult year. COVID-19 has slowed our lives in ways we previously thought impossible. Yet in other ways, there has been an acceleration and a speed of working that we simply can’t ignore. A large part of that is due in part to remote working, virtual collaboration and the need for many to adopt digital tools they thought they could do without.

At IBM, we know that the key to continuing a successful virtual transformation, to taking advantage of new-found agility and innovation, lies in the cloud. Going forward, organizations will need to continue modernizing operations to realize the immense benefits of cloud-native capabilities: location independence, efficiency, scalability, resilience, digitization, interoperability, and seamless transition to a virtualized engagement and delivery model—what we call cloudified delivery.

The future of the Government’s data is in the Cloud

This is why we are pleased to announce that IBM has been added to the Government of Canada’s list of qualified secure cloud service providers. Our goal is to support the Government as they realize their Cloud First Strategy, simultaneously providing the appropriate security and controls that safeguard Canadians’ data and privacy.

By giving the Government one more choice in cloud providers, we are helping to enhance security while modernizing services for Canadians. Leveraging cloud-based services, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain running on IBM public cloud gives Canadians the same quality of user experience they have come to expect from commercial service providers such as financial institutions and online shopping services. This will help the Government deliver digital services to citizens with the agility and speed necessary to keep pace with changing legislation and government service offerings while maintaining Canadian data sovereignty and security requirements.

Cloud services make it easier for Canadians to access new digital services, and support home grown innovation right here on Canadian soil. A move to the cloud encourages developers to keep their talent here, knowing that the Government is responding to the changing needs of employment and technology, all while keeping our data safe and secure.

A rich history of unparalleled security

For over 100 years, IBM has been a trusted advisor and service delivery of choice for some of the biggest governments and banks in the world. In Canada, our history is no different. Our recently announced IBM Cloud multizone region (MZR) in Toronto has three data centers within ten kilometres of each other – and with close to a decade of experience of operating data centres locally, you can be sure that the close proximity will help ensure high availability and resiliency, a full and consistent set of services and most importantly – unparalleled levels of security to keep your data secure. This new service will enhance existing services and give the Government of Canada the ability to host its classified data in our Canadian Data Centers, meeting the government’s strict requirement for data residency and data sovereignty.

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Kim Watson
Vice President, Federal Market, IBM Canada