AI isn’t magic – it requires a thoughtful approach

By and Steven Astorino | 1 minute read | July 21, 2020

image of a digitized brain representing artificial intelligence

When I talk to clients about their artificial intelligence (AI) journey, it’s clear that AI adoption is increasing at a rapid pace across industries. What’s also clear is that the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated AI adoption.

But as vast amounts of data are captured from every line of business in real-time, it can be overwhelming for many companies to know what to do with it all. A Forrester study, “Challenges That Hold Firms Back From Achieving AI Aspirations,” found that 51% of enterprises experimenting with AI struggle to operationalize, sustain and scale the technology. Further to this point, up to 80 percent of data is either locked in silos or not business-ready.

To achieve success, enterprises need to first collect and organize their data before they can analyze and operationalize AI. Put simply, there is no AI without IA (information architecture).

IBM recognizes these challenges and is providing the tools and expertise to accelerate the AI journey for our clients. We’re doing this by simplifying and automating the collection, organization and analysis of data, regardless of where it lives.

Watch the session: The Journey to AI – Overcoming challenges and turning AI aspirations into outcomes

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In the presentation above — recorded for the first-ever virtual World Summit AI Americas earlier this year — I’ll show you how enterprises can build a governed, efficient, agile, and future-proof approach to AI. I’ll also touch on the most common barriers to AI adoption faced by AI evangelists in their organizations: data complexity, the competition for AI talent, and securing c-suite trust in AI-infused business insights. Lastly, we’ll walk through IBM’s leading-edge AI tools like Cloud Pak for Data and Watson to simplify your AI journey.

AI isn’t magic. Instead it requires a thoughtful approach on every step of the AI journey.


Steven Astorino
VP of Development, Data and AI and Canada Lab Director