Westpac changes engines in flight in the IBM cloud

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Author: Piet Bil, IBM’s managing director for Westpac

When it comes to cloud adoption, perhaps no other sector has embraced it with the same gusto as the banks. Across all industries, banking is the most aggressive and largest adopter of cloud – accounting for as much as 16% of total global cloud expenditures. By 2019, banking’s spending on cloud is expected to approach USD $100 billion, with cloud-enabled workloads of top-tier banks expected to double annually.

The banking industry faces disruption and opportunity like never before. Driven by high regulatory and compliance demand as well as client needs for security and 24/7 services, Westpac has taken this challenge on with a multi-year strategy to transform their IT infrastructure, of which the IBM Cloud is the cornerstone.

WestpacIn an Australian banking first, Westpac Group partnered with IBM to implement a fully integrated hybrid cloud platform across their business to deliver premium services to more than 13 million customers.

Called Hybrid-Platform-as-a-Service (HPaaS), the new environment enables Westpac to easily deploy applications across the group and deliver new customer solutions to market faster, while meeting regulations for data protection and privacy.

Launching the solution without affecting the bank’s everyday operations was a bit like changing engines in flight. We had to ensure the transition was seamless and the benefits swift.

“What historically took weeks is now automated and happens in hours. For example, server provisioning has gone from two to four months to two to four hours and application installation will be reduced from months to hours,” said, Westpac CIO, Dave Curran. “We are able to keep our technology current; scale-up and down on demand, and deliver efficiency gains through increased automation.”

The project will roll through to 2021, and we will work with Westpac to help them build and manage their HPaaS transformation.

Westpac’s new private offsite cloud is powered by VMware in two IBM Cloud data centres in Australia to meet APRA compliance regulations. When combined with the bank’s existing on-premises infrastructure and public cloud services, the bank has a single platform for greater flexibility and operational efficiencies.

IBV report: Tailoring hybrid cloud for banking: Designing the right mix for innovation, efficiency and growth

IBV report: Tailoring hybrid cloud for banking: Designing the right mix for innovation, efficiency and growth

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