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Prometeo wins Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge

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Prometeo, the winner of the Global 2019 Call for Code Challenge, has come up with a solution to help firefighters who risk …

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Sydney shines at the IBM Cloud Innovation Exchange

Author: Dev Mookerjee, Technology Leader, Red Hat Synergy, Asia Pacific, IBM Global Markets It was all rather incredible. I am not sure whether it was the front-page wrap of the Australian Financial Review that boldly proclaimed “Smart Loves Problems” or the brightly lit ad shelters saying the same at all the bus stops that led […]

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The tech making a difference at the IBM Cloud Innovation Exchange

Author: Amanda Johnston-Pell, Chief marketing Officer, Co-Chair Customer Centricity IBM, Australia & New Zealand Last week in Sydney, we held the IBM Cloud Innovation Exchange. It was a fascinating day jam-packed with technology insights, ideas and solutions to help businesses solve problems – all underpinned by hybrid cloud. Digital transformation for business was a hero […]

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Cloud innovation enhances fan experience

Author: Richelle Nicols, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Nicco Hate standing in queues? Me too. In fact, I’ll avoid them even if there’s no alternative. This is how Nicco was born. I was at a sports bar, and the queue for drinks was so long that I refused to get in line. Over three […]

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