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Using AI to find a needle in a haystack – in seconds

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Author: Bratin Sarkar, APAC Communication Sector Marketing Leader

Awarded IDC Digital Disruptor of the Year (2017), Australia-based global start-up media company Oovvuu is winning business with more than 90 world-leading broadcasters and publishers (including the BBC, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, Press Association, Deutsche Welle, TechCrunch and Reuters). Sourcing video content from its partners, Oovvuu uses artificial intelligence to read news articles and watch videos – matching them together on an unprecedented global scale – in a split second.

Business challenge

The increase in mobile, growth of video consumption, an explosion in news coverage and video creation combined with dropping data prices has catapulted trailblazing Oovvuu into a $20-billion global market.

Battling personalisation and fake news challenges, Oovvuu aims to put the world’s best videos into the world’s best articles using AI. The outcome – better news-telling for a billion people in a new, scaled and brand-safe environment in which advertisers and brands feel confident.


Sourcing video content from 90+ broadcast partners, Oovvuu matches them with breaking news within seconds of publication. Using IBM Watson natural language and language translation API’s and cloud, Oovvuu reads more than 100,000 stories a day, analysing stories and scanning the content of 90 global broadcast partners. After identifying trending topics globally, Oovvuu then utilises its technology to embed and distribute contextually relevant videos into news articles.

The business benefits include:

  • 35x revenue potential for publishers and broadcasters
  • 10 million audience reached with video
  • <1 second to integrate short and long videos

“Once we partnered with IBM, customers really started paying attention. We’ve taken off like a rocket, with our company growing at record speed,” says Ricky Sutton, Founder and CEO Oovvuu.


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