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New Documentary – Beyond COVID: Emerging Smarter

Author: Jodie Sangster, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Australia & New Zealand

The ambition for most of us right now is to live in a world beyond the grips of COVID-19. While this year has presented all of us with incredible challenges, it has also created unique opportunities for businesses, governments and leaders across our society to rethink how we work, communicate, and collaborate to solve problems.

So, how are the world’s top scientists and business leaders shifting gears to position us for the future?

In a new documentary – Beyond COVID: Emerging Smarter – Sky News Australia, in partnership with The Australian and IBM, explore the work going on behind the scenes in our health, social and economic response to the crisis, and how science and technology are enabling us to progress through the challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Sky News takes a look at the global industry collaboration through the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, bringing together the most powerful computing resources in support of COVID-19 research. And in addition to the global efforts around finding a vaccine, Oxford University shares the work they’re pursuing to identify potential drug candidates to combat COVID-19.

Sky News Business Editor, Ticky Fullerton, also sits down with those driving the new Australia including Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, National COVID-19 Commission (Advisory Board) Chairman Neville Power, Minister of Government Services Stuart Robert, IBM Australia/New Zealand Managing Director Katrina Troughton and Woodside CEO Peter Coleman.

At every stage, the digital transformation realised by business, government and academia has achieved years of work in a matter of months. In what ways will we emerge smarter from this pandemic, what jobs will be available to Australians, and how will technology such as AI, supercomputing and quantum computing power our progress as we recover and live in a world beyond COVID-19?

You can tune in to the program on-demand here, or on YouTube:

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