Welcome to the new world of the AI assistant for business

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Author: Chris O’Connor, General Manager, Internet of Things Offerings (USA)

Remember the old series running in the 1980s called Knight Rider? KITT the talking car, anticipating its driver’s needs, guarding him from dangers, sometimes driving the car for him and equipping him with the information he needed to make the right decisions? That is no longer just fiction. It leapt from our TV sets directly into our cars, hotel rooms, hospital rooms, airports, banks, and pretty much everywhere you can imagine. All of this is driven by the increasing connectivity and demands of our customers, who want to be heard and have their needs properly addressed.

With the arrival of GDPR and recent events in the realm of data privacy, customers are more preoccupied with knowing how their data is collected, who uses it and for what purpose. The customers are demanding power over their data and over the interaction they have with brands. Their voices are getting louder, and companies who will fail to listen to them are going to fail.

Welcome to a new world

That’s where KITT comes back in. Because what if you could connect directly to your customers while connecting them to the world? What if you could harness that data, and learn about your customers, understand their context and anticipate their needs? And what if everyone in your team was a maintenance expert?

What if you could personalise each customer’ experience with your brand while driving new revenue at the same time? What if all the data is your data, private between you and your customers? And what if you could do all of these things while remaining true to your brand’s values and mission? Well, now you can do all of that and more, with a Watson Assistant, the AI assistant for business. Welcome to the new world.

What can Watson Assistant do for you?

With the new Watson Assistant, it’s all about your brand and your customers. Even down to the name. It doesn’t have to be Watson; it can be whatever you want to call it. With Watson Assistant, you’ll have your own virtual assistant to extend your brand and create truly engaging momentum with your customers. All while uniquely maintaining your customers’ data ownership and privacy.

Watson Assistant allows OEMs to create unique, customized experiences for drivers.

HARMAN included Watson Assistant as part of a new, connected digital cockpit, designed to transform the in-car experience. 

In addition to being able to embed Watson Assistant in any “thing” – a car, a hotel room, or an electronic device, for example – you can also use the power of AI to make your employees experts in equipment maintenance. Asset-intensive industries are facing two big problems: an aging workforce, and the ever-growing number and complexity of critical assets. Fortunately, no matter how many years of experience they have – or don’t have – your employees can use IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant, with the conversational capabilities of Watson Assistant. This solution continually learns from the collective expertise of your entire staff to deliver repair recommendations, end-to-end workflow and even predictive alerts. Can you imagine the potential when you equip your staff with all this work experience?

Watch to learn more about IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant.

Exceed expectations

What else could you do? Let’s talk about HARMAN. A pioneer in the connected car space, HARMAN teamed up with Watson Assistant to create a premium digital cockpit concept onboard a Maserati GranCabrio. This always-on assistant gets to know the driver – their likes and habits and combines it with knowledge about the car and the connected world around it. The result is a better in-car experience for drivers that is safer, more convenient comfortable and productive.

Learn more about HARMAN’s digital cockpit

AirWire is another great example of how Watson Assistant can help deliver the connected car experience that drivers increasingly expect. While 35% of new vehicles are connected to the internet, there are billion+ older – and disconnected – cars. That’s why AirWire created Jarvis, a vehicle intelligent voice assistant. For any car manufactured after 1986, Jarvis gives drivers their own voice-activated smart personal assistant and keeps them connected.

Now’s the time to harness the power of Watson Assistant

As these quick examples show, this new-found power will impact your business in many ways and across many roles in your organisation. Watson Assistant will help you build expertise based on your best practices and based on your client’s actual needs and preferences. It will provide consistency, no matter which area you operate in. And it will offer insights that you could not otherwise know, making you an expert in any fields.

The bottoms line? This is a solid opportunity to bring your brand to life and:

  • Connect better with your customers
  • Drive new revenue streams
  • Have your company operate at its best.

Are you ready?

To learn more, visit our Watson Assistant landing page and discover what our clients have achieved together with their AI-infused Watson Assistant.

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