Idea exchange

Edited by: Anne Nicholson, Brand Strategy Lead A/NZ

Sometimes the best ideas can come from outside your industry. Take, for example, global fashion brand Zara. The Spanish company turned the high street fashion industry on its head when they were inspired by Toyota’s automated factories.  Rather than turning out fashion by season, they could have new designs in stores in weeks. BMW’s iDrive system was inspired by the video gaming industry. The result was that complex navigation became intuitive.

Problem solving with people outside your industry means you can leverage their different pools of knowledge. They won’t be constrained, because they don’t know what the constraints are.

Want to know what a magician and media expert have in common? Or a brain scientist and a public safety expert? We asked some of our talented IBMers to seek out innovative experts in unrelated fields.  Watch below to discover the intriguing conversations that could inspire or change the way you imagine your industry.

The Brain Scientist and the Public Safety Expert

What do a brain scientist and a public safety data expert have in common? Data, innovation, and using technology to better understand people for a safer world. Together they tackle big issues like brain development—and what it takes to make communities safe. Learn more about how you can manage all your digital evidence here.

The Vegas Magician and the Media Expert

A magician and a media expert explain technology’s ability to reach your ideal audience and how to find a needle in a digital haystack.

The Club Owners and the Marketing Director

Honza Faltys and Honza Stern, are co-founders of Containall, a former Soviet bunker turned cultural center in Prague. Marketing executives and club owners both know that a strong brand identity is crucial. And like a cultural identity, brand identity is a delicate balance of history and innovation especially when it comes to retail.

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