IBM at The Masters 2018

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Author Dane Gambrill, Business Unit Executive IBM Watson Media & Cloud Video – Asia Pacific

Over the next few days, many of us will watch and experience the 2018 US Masters. For our region, many professional players from India, Korea, Thailand, Fiji & Australia have made the cut and will compete against some of the world’s great past champions for that infamous Green Jacket.

Over the past 5 or so years, IBM has shaped the entire Digital experience for the US Masters based on the simple design brief of “Can it be Beautiful.” And every year, IBM together with the US Masters team, push boundaries of design, technology and delivery to execute this brief and make it a reality for Golf audiences and fans all over the world.

This partnership not only demonstrates best practice as it relates to sports and the fan experience but best practice for all industries as it relates to creating personalised and in-the-moment customer experiences at scale to win the battle of the consumers time and dollars. Video, is of course, at the heart of this experience.

Master's golf courseIBM’s Design Studio, Interactive Experience is again behind this exceptional customer experience, our scope has expanded this year to include:

 – IBM’s Cloud Video Solution for components of the Live Video Streaming on US Masters Web, App and Mobile.

 – Watson Media to help the masters digital production team make smarter decisions as to what to publish, as well as a personalised Highlight reel for fans based on their player preferences and the big moments of the day.

 – IBM Cloud & Security solutions continue to be the foundation to deliver this digital experience to over 90 million site visits over the 4 day period, and in real production, we get to see first hand that IBM Cloud is built for the enterprise, AI ready and secure to the core.

Please immerse yourself in this year’s web and mobile experiences and experience it for yourself.

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