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How will your code change the world?

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Author: Ben Peterson, Developer Advocacy & Startup Leader IBM Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are among the most disaster-prone countries in the world, experiencing the wrath of bushfires, cyclones, floods and earthquakes.

More than 9 million Australians have been impacted by a natural disaster or extreme weather event in the past 30 years, causing 971 deaths and more than 4,300 injuries. When combined, the total economic cost of natural disasters in the 10 years to 2016 has averaged $18.2 billion per year and is forecasted to reach $39 billion per year by 2050[1].

Globally, natural disasters are among the world’s greatest challenges:

2.5 billion people

directly affected since 2000

$US1.5 trillion

economic impact since 2003

 240% increase

over the past 30 years

In 2018 David Clark Cause launched Call for Code in a founding-partnership with IBM. The competition launched again recently and is a rallying cry to developers to use their skills to drive positive and long-lasting change across the world with their code.

In Sydney on 21 May we will be holding the first of a series of Call for Code Meetups, hosted by Bryan Knouse, winner of the 2018 Global Call for Code Challenge, as well as the Australian Red Cross and IBM Global CTO for IoT, John Wallicki, please join us as we share ideas and inspiration to help address these major Challenges. Register here to join us

The following day at Think Summit we are holding a Call for Code Design Thinking Session as part of Code @ Think, which is designed for developers to explore technologies and get hands-on development time. We will be joined by industry specialists, the IBM Garage team, Bryan Knouse and the Australian Red Cross.

Join us from 9.55 AEST on 22 May to watch inspiring keynote sessions from innovative problem solvers, using technology to transform industries and to change the way the world works here.

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