IBM is an Incident Response Leader in Forrester Wave Cybersecurity Report

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Author: Pelin Nancarrow, Asia Pacific Lead – X-Force Incident Response & Intelligence Services, IBM Security

These days, it’s no longer a matter of “if” you’re going to suffer a cyber breach, it’s a matter of “when.” When the inevitable breach happens, how you respond to the breach matters. An ineffective response can add even more self-inflicted damage and whilst you cannot control if you are a target of the breach, you can control how well you respond.

In 2018, 50% of global security decision makers reported at least one cyber attack according to Forrester Analytics research. It’s a sobering thought but understanding this reality can help your organisation more effectively prepare for a breach when it inevitably occurs.

Forrester recently released “The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Incident Response Services, Q1 2019.” The report evaluates the top 15 security vendors to help security professionals select the right one for their needs. Choosing the right partner for your incident response services is critical to minimising damage in the event of a breach.

IBM was named a leader in the report, with the assessment highlighting the superior training and incident preparation services delivered through our world-class IBM X-Force IRIS team. This recognition is a testament to IBM’s proactive approach to cyber security, which integrates threat intelligence, incident response and remediation to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

The Forrester Wave™ report also identified IBM’s cyber range capabilities as a key advantage, noting that “vendors that provide these services are filling a growing need for real-world breach training.” Our incident responder training and war-gaming exercises give our clients the confidence and preparation they need to achieve cyber resilience.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, security and risk professionals need to consider whether their organisation is properly prepared to deal with a breach. If you do have a Cyber Incident Response Plan, you need to ask yourself – when was the last time you rehearsed it or tested it?

If you are currently questioning whether you think you could respond to a breach efficiently and effectively, please take the time to look at the capabilities we offer via IBM X-Force Incident Response Intelligence Services (X-Force IRIS).

You can download a copy of the full Forrester Wave™ report here: Download Report

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