Meet our Forbes ‘annual ’30 Under 30’ honoree

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Subhrajit Roy works as part of the IBM Research Australia team in Melbourne. On 2nd April 2019, he was recognised as one of Forbes’ annual ’30 Under 30′ honorees for Asia and the Asia Pacific for innovation in healthcare and science.

Subhrajit has worked as a full-time researcher in IBM Research since October 2016 and pioneered the use of Big Data and AI for automatic personalised epileptic seizure forecasting and detection, including detection via mobile systems.  His research has the potential to provide epileptic patients with a wearable, real-time warning system.

His and his colleagues’ work on building patient-specific ‘Digital Seizure Diaries’ to monitor epilepsy patients and using the raw data collected to improve personal diagnosis and treatment has led to the filing of five patent applications that are currently under examination by the USPTO.

He has co-authored papers on this topic with IBM researcher Dr. Isabell Kiral-Kornek and worked with external partners including Temple University Hospital, The University of Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital on seizure prediction and detection.

Subhrajit’s research has been showcased at the Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society in Washington, DC (Dec ’17), he was invited to the highly selective 2017 Heidelberg Laureate Forum, his work has been featured in more than 30 prominent news outlets. Throughout his career, he has written 31 papers within the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which have earned 674 citations to date.

Subhrajit continues to be a scientific trailblazer in epilepsy research and his breakthroughs have the potential to fundamentally change the lives of over 65 Million epilepsy patients worldwide.

Author: Wendy Miller, Senior Communications Specialist IBM A/NZ

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