Find out how active IBM Blockchain networks are changing the way the world works.

How agtech can lead Australia to a fertile future

Australian farmers have done it tough recently: years-long drought, bushfires, and floods. While tech can’t change the weather, it can help us manage it better. In September of last year, the Australian Council of Learned Academics (or, ACOLA) released its Future of Agriculture Technologies report. Commissioned by Australia’s chief scientist Alan Finkel, on behalf of […]

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Stopping wine fraud with technology

Counterfeiting wine is big business in Australia but new innovations in blockchain will make it harder for scammers to rip off customers. Grosset wines, nestled in the rolling hills of the Clare Valley, is small in terms of production but has had an outsized influence on Australia’s wine scene. Famed wine connoisseur James Halliday says […]

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How blockchain is making the world a better place

Author: Neil Cherry, Cognitive Enterprise Leader, A/NZ Global Business Services Blockchain is more than the currency for the future. It’s a powerful tool that’s revolutionising business, enterprise and even philanthropy all over the world. Blockchain’s core strength is its ability to bring more openness, visibility and accessibility to the operations of any enterprise. It’s also […]

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How TradeLens is breaking down barriers while crossing oceans

Author: Mike Jones, Senior Partner, Public Sector Leader, IBM Services, Australia & New Zealand Supply chains are at the very core of global trade and enterprise. They’re a pivotal process that provide goods to the entire world. But, with every nation on earth dependant on them, they’re now more complicated than ever. This is where TradeLens, a […]

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Bank guarantees: Jumping from paper to blockchain

Author: Nigel Dobson, Banking Services Lead at the Australia New Zealand Banking Group and Chairman of Lygon 1B. There is a genuine need to digitise the archaic process by which tenants, banks and landlords negotiate bank guarantees. When a retailer wants to lease a property to open a store, the landlord requires a bank guarantee […]

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Blockchain: shifting the power of collaboration from hype to reality

Author:  Mark Allaby, Managing Partner, Financial Services Sector, IBM Australia & New Zealand When it comes to advancing blockchain’s real-world potential, Australia is amongst the pioneers leading the way. But interestingly, it’s not cutting-edge technology enterprises but collaborating financial institutions at the forefront. This development was explored at our recent IBM’s Financial Services Executive Series […]

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