Mindfulness – Myth or Magic

I recently gave a virtual presentation to some 60+ members of the IBM Women in Technology Career Clinic. The session was recorded so if you’re interested please let me know and I can send you a link to it. You see my slides and hear my voice but sadly don’t get to see me. All […]

Guess who’s back?

Some of you may have noticed that this blog has not been updated recently, well that’s because I left IBM for a brief soujourn into the world of selling Business Process Management. After 18 months I decided that I missed being able to make a real difference to my clients by bringing total business solutions […]

Define the rules

I was out the other morning for a walk to pick up some tickets from the post office. Having forgotten my headphones I decided to make it a “mindful” walk, this means I notice as much as I can as I’m walking, instead of wandering along with my head full of thoughts and ideas. This […]

Business Travel is only glamorous until you do it…..

During the mid to late 90’s I had the great privilege to work with an amazing team at American Express Business Travel after they bought the company I was working for. The then Vice President for Europe, Eric Brannan told a great story that I could relate to and it spurred me to come up […]

Travel Technology, Mobile Boarding passes – who uses them?

For someone whose life is all about travel technology I occasionally worry about who is actually using it? This is the first in a series of posts where I will explore the use of technology in the travel process, in this instance, the mobile boarding pass. Not having the exact statistics to hand (and being […]

Is it the place, the people or the perception?

This was the question I asked my self at breakfast in Prague before Christmas 2012, as I was grappling with how I really felt about the place! Having only spent half a day there, I was very unsure if I liked it or not. Let me explain. We landed at about 11am having left at […]

The Experience of Flying

My first ever flight was to Hong Kong some forty (cough) something years ago when I was about a year old. Apparently I “slept like a baby in your sling”, unlike my then 5 year old brother who “threw up all the way apart from when we got off at Bahrain to refuel”. Of course […]

The iPad versus my “Big Black Book”

British Airways, the world’s favourite airline, is issuing it’s Cabin Service Directors with iPads – not all 1,800 of them but a trial of 100 or so. You can read more about this here BA give cabin crew iPads. I was lucky enough to see their application the other day when I was in their […]

Turkish national “take an infant on a plane” day?

Today, the 27th of July, must be the Turkish national “take your infant on a plane” day! Either that or the Turks as a nation travel a lot more with infants than we Brits do! Let me explain. I’m currently on an AnadoluJet plane from Ankara to Trabzon 11 hours into a 12 hour journey […]