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Open source software has been the backbone of the technology industry for over 30 years. IBM supports countless open source projects and sponsors its employees to contribute through a variety of motivational programs. IBM also encourages faculty and students to utilize, participate, and create open source technologies – as well as adopting an open source approach for teaching and training.
We have added a section on open source to the IBM Global University Programs website where we highlight just three of the many projects.

QisKit – An open-source quantum computing framework for leveraging today’s quantum processors in research, education, and business. Try out the new IBM Q Experience to get started with Qiskit in the cloud. There is no installation required and you will find free hosted tutorials. To find out more go to

Model Asset Exchange (MAX) – If you are teaching, learning, or implementing AI projects you will likely be interested in MAX. MAX makes trained, open source, deep learning models available for use in applications. You will find relating audio, image processing, and natural language processing models at the MAX site. To find out more go to

Call for Code is part of IBM Code and Response™ initiative, a multi-year program dedicated to creating and deploying open source technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. The Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge is a worldwide developer competition that seeks technology solutions for natural disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. You can host an event at your school to encourage your communities to contribute, or participate yourself with team of up to 5 people – to find out more, see

We hope that you will participate in the Call for Code challenge, explore the pages to incorporate some of the content in your teaching or in your projects, or just for fun!

Naguib Attia, PhD – Vice President, IBM Global University Programs
Jim Spohrer, PhD – Director, IBM Cognitive Opentech Group

Vice President, IBM Global University Programs

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