Trade Assistant with Watson

By , Micah Forster, Sai Gudimetla, and Jeff Powell | 0 minute read | October 26, 2020

Even with the best player insights and football expertise, fantasy football can be a losing proposition if a team does not have a good mix of players. The lack of depth at certain positions does not pair well with today’s football reality: prolific injuries to key players, COVID-19 game postponements, players opting out of the season, moving of bye weeks, and the change of rules for the injured reserve designation. Team managers can quickly discover that their team has a low score ceiling even if they start their best active players. A loss of fantasy football hope can quickly impair future decisions, which can fade your playoff hopes.

Trade Assistant with Watson analyzes combinations of players and their related data to objectively find trades for your team. Teams have the opportunity to increase their winning potential by accepting artificial intelligence (AI)-generated trades. The flow of player assets between teams is facilitated by a diversity of trade packages that balance fairness, realism, and value in different ways. Trades are personalized on demand. They consider your team’s roster, league rules, and competition.

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