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Introducing Campuses: Why IBM’s Think 2018 is built for you

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Think 2018 is not your typical conference.

Think is designed to help communities with a shared vision connect with one another, learn about the latest advances in technology, and meet the experts behind the innovations that are changing the way we all work, play, and live.

Every aspect of Think 2018 is being constructed with you in mind—your interests, your goals, and your biggest business challenges. To make sure you get everything out of your Think experience and more, we’ve taken this tailored learning approach to a whole new level by introducing Think Campuses.

Connect with your community at Think.

Each Think Campus is designed to provide you with opportunities to meet face-to-face with subject matter experts, expand your network with fellow thinkers from around the world, and gain valuable education that will accelerate your career and your business. It’s an exclusive space that grants you full access to the topics and technologies you care most about.

Focus on one world-changing topic at a time to learn, solve, and connect on what’s most important to you and your business, then learn how to solve your challenges with confidence. Campus activities include sessions, Think Tanks, networking events, expert talks, innovators, demonstrations, education, food and drinks, and more. Basically, your Campus is your personal hub for everything that matters to you.

Think campus overview

Think Campuses help you focus your learning and connect you with the right experts.

Identify where you want to focus your time at Think. What is your biggest challenge? Where do you want to bring in new technology? Find your campus and dive in! Think Tanks provide a deeper look inside specific topics with opportunities to ask the experts your questions. You can join a roundtable, participate in hands-on demos, and schedule face-to-face time with experts.

Cloud and Data

To grow your business faster and smarter, you need to take full advantage of your data using the right cloud architecture. By thinking about data and cloud together, you can optimize the right tools to accelerate your business and transform your industry. With better data, you can uncover valuable insights and turn those insights into perfectly timed actions. AI-ready, designed for data, and secure to the core, IBM Cloud and Data helps you achieve your goals.

Security and Resiliency

You need to build a security defense to protect what’s most important: your business and your clients. The IBM Security Campus can help you evolve your security program for the future with the power of artificial intelligence, cloud, and collaboration. Cybersecurity is a universal challenge. Get expert advice and guidance that can help you manage future risks and safeguard your data.

Modern Infrastructure

You understand that the future demands systems innovation. The Infrastructure Campus will teach you how the best performing and most secure platforms can reliably handle your most data-intensive applications while working seamlessly with your existing investments. Meet industry leaders and IBM experts who can help you build and run the most important aspect of your digital transformation.

Business and AI

More than ever, traditional industries are facing disruption from outside their walls. This kind of change makes it imperative that companies defy the impossible and unleash the power of imagination and innovation to create new, unexpected business models. The Business and AI Campus will help businesses design unique solutions using the power of AI to advance innovation and drive results.


We’re building our Campuses in a way that allows each attendee to create their own agenda. Whatever Campus you choose, your Think experience will be uniquely yours, and any insights you gather will be tailored to your business.

That’s why IBM can say, with confidence, that Think 2018 is built for you.



We can’t wait to show you Think 2018

Watch Think 2018 on demand and learn all about the ways your business can put smart to work. We hope you enjoy the keynotes, interviews, and sessions, and we can’t wait to see you in San Francisco in 2019!


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