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Think 2018: There’s much more to Think

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What makes you think?

Emerging technologies are changing the way we live, work, and interact with one another every day. That certainly gives us all a lot to think about. Exploring the relationship between humanity and technology is a bold endeavor, and none of us can do it alone.

Here at IBM, we know that innovation stems not from individuals working in isolation, but from an energetic dialogue between diverse disciplines. We know inspiration lives at the intersection of intelligence and emotion, art and science, people and products, design and business. Our goal is to celebrate and elevate the progressive partnership of mankind and machine, together.

That’s why we’re creating Think 2018, the first-of-its-kind gathering of the world’s leading visionaries, business leaders, innovators, and thinkers like you. Think is not a convention. Think is an ever-evolving, inclusive, accessible, horizontal conversation about human ingenuity, its advocates, and the tools they employ to break paradigms and create new ones.

Think is for the defiant, the curious, the provocative, the uncompromising, the resistant, the persistent. For those who seek progress and the advancement of us all. For those who are obsessed with understanding new technologies like AI, cloud, data, security, infrastructure and more. For those who want to explore what’s possible. Think is for those who seek inspiration and education, reinvention and innovation, to connect and succeed in unexpected, transformative ways to improve society and humanity, one person at a time.

Think is our time and our place to face our biggest problems and achieve our highest aspirations together.


Think 2018 begins with you
Introducing Think Campuses
For the business leaders
For next-generation professionals
More to come…
Learn more about Think 2018


Think 2018 begins with you

Think is built to be different than other technology conferences. The biggest difference is that we designed this event for thinkers like you, to give you everything you need to advance your business and career in 2018 and beyond.

Let’s start with our experts. We’re bringing together some of the most respected and brilliant minds from around the world to share their thoughts, lessons, stories, and dreams. What are their biggest lessons of 2017? How have they used security solutions to safeguard their enterprise? What success have they found with AI and blockchain? How are they extracting value from their data on the cloud? What do they see as the biggest disruptors in the next 10 years, 5 years, 2 years?

There’s only one way to find out. Meet the experts face-to-face. Ask them your burning questions and let them guide you—not based on what works for someone else, but what will be the best solution for your business. Whether you want to have a conversation about containers and the latest APIs or you want to understand how you might use predictive analytics to understand emotional intelligence, you can find the right expert to answer anything you can think up.

It’s not just keynotes and lightning talks. Learn what you need to get ahead in 2018 while experiencing the technology that is changing the planet at Think Academy. Everything you love about labs and certifications surrounded by experts and teachers in a campus-like environment. TED-style mini theaters, labs, lunch-and-learns, and coding competitions will bring you a year’s worth of education in just four days.

We’re confident you’ll find the perfect community at Think for networking, learning, and playing. And since all this great thinking deserves a well-earned break, we’ve lined up unexpected and awesome entertainment throughout the event.

Think campus overview

Introducing Think Campuses

To make sure you get the most out of the event, we’re creating a framework that makes it easy for you to find the people who share your passions and interests. It’s targeted networking at its best as 40,000+ thinkers converge, a personalized approach to help you find the right community that we like to call Think Campuses.

Think Campuses allow you to focus on one world-changing topic at a time to learn, solve, and connect on what’s most important to you and your business. Each Campus provides you with opportunities to meet face-to-face with subject-matter experts, expand your network with fellow thinkers from around the world, and gain valuable education that will accelerate your career and your business. It’s an exclusive space that grants you full access to the topics and technologies you care about most.

If you’re not sure which Campus is right for you, start by asking yourself: What makes you think?

Your biggest questions will lead you to the right Think Campus for you.

How do I get more value from my data in the cloud?

How do I make the right security and resiliency decisions to safeguard my business?

How do I engineer the right infrastructure for my business?

How do I design and deliver disruptive business solutions with AI?


For the business leaders

If you’re a senior leader in your community or business, you have a perfectly designed roadmap awaiting you at Think.

We’ve compiled a series of sessions designed to explore the technologies that are making waves across industries. From captivating narratives to transformative outcomes, technical deep dives to expert roundtables, Think is offering you more ways to learn about today’s most intriguing topics.

Chairman’s Address
Surprising, intriguing, and unique change-the-world conversations with IBM’s Chairman and distinguished guests.

Think Keynotes
Keynotes featuring IBM visionary leaders, clients, Business Partners and guests discussing how you alongside the power of IBM can solve the biggest problems facing your organization and your industry.

Innovation Talks
Discover how trailblazers, disruptors, and visionaries are radically changing the world.

Disruptive Technologies Showcase
Learn more about emerging technologies from IBM Research.

Client Stories
Featuring marquee clients and stories organized by industry.

From educational to aspirational to downright amazing, the Featured Sessions at Think will immerse you in Watson, Cloud, IoT, security, and connected data. Experience firsthand how you can help change the world.


For next-generation professionals

If you’re a practitioner looking to get hands-on experience and grow your expertise, we’ve designed a core curriculum package for you that comprises the following areas:

Professional Exchanges
Professional Exchanges are a face-to-face intersection of like-minded business leaders who think together on topics that are most meaningful to you and your business while helping you discover what’s possible.

Think Tanks
Think Tanks provide a deeper look inside specific topics, with opportunity to connect directly with the leading industry experts.

Campus Sessions
These IBM-led sessions include clients and Business Partners sharing stories of how they successfully leveraged IBM solutions to solve their key business problems.

Think Academy
Labs, certifications, and client and technical deep dives providing what you need to know to make it your own and take it back to your organization.


More to come…

Think is for the defiant, the curious, the provocative, the uncompromising, the resistant, the persistent. Those who seek progress and the advancement of us all. For all the thinkers, consider this your Think 2018 primer.

As March approaches, we’ll have even more to share. Come back for updates to this evolving guide so you’ll know just what to expect and all the reasons Think 2018 is right for you.

Learn more about Think 2018

Introducing Campuses: Why IBM’s Think is built for you

Your campus is your community. For Think 2018, we’ve taken this tailored learning approach to a whole new level by introducing Think Campuses.


4 key reasons to join us at Think 2018

For Think 2018, we’ve built this conference around four key elements: education, experts, networking, and entertainment.






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