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With the help of AI, more and more of us are experiencing a new shift in efficiency. Augmenting workflows helps optimize our time as we automate simple tasks.

While there’s a growing understanding of how AI helps free us up to focus on more critical issues, there are still many misconceptions around its capabilities. Its potential is often reduced to chatbots and consumer speech-to-text search apps. But for business, AI is actually a rich spectrum of technologies that are ready for serious application in a variety of industries.

Think 2018 is the IBM flagship event where the journey to cloud and AI take center stage. There, you can learn how almost half of high-performing companies are piloting, implementing, or operating AI solutions today. Rather than “replacing human cognition,” AI’s ability to do analysis across more data than is humanly possible actually allows humans to augment their own performance. And once you learn all about AI at Think, you’ll be able to explain that and so much more to your colleagues, supervisors, and friends.

You can choose from 100s of sessions and hands-on labs designed to help you understand what AI integration can do to help you do your best work and advance your enterprise. With experts there to guide you, you’ll have all your questions answered and get just what you need to put the power of AI to work for you.

Here are the top five ways AI is transforming enterprises, and what it can do for yours.


1. Use AI to improve customer service contact centers.

Increase productivity and accuracy with AI customer service solutions—resulting in greater customer satisfaction and cost savings. Companies can realize time to value in as little as four weeks.

Hear stories from clients like Autodesk to discover how implementing virtual agents is helping their workforce service more customers in record time.



Bringing Humanity to AI at Autodesk: Emotional Intelligence and Diversity

Session ID #4944A

Building emotional intelligence and diversity into Autodesk’s AI is both critical to customer retention and directly impacts brand perception. To be a truly customer-focused company, we need to employ emotional intelligence in all customers interactions, including digital, and design our experiences to reflect the diversity of the locales we operate in. Find out more in our session at Think.

Visit the Business and AI Campus at Think


2. Use AI to enhance knowledge workers.

Embedding AI into the workflows of professionals helps them make better-informed and more accurate business decisions. This is particularly attractive in industries with massive volumes of domain-specific data, such as banking, insurance, energy, and legal.

You can add AI-focused sessions to your agenda using the Watson Session Expert for an extra-AI-friendly experience even before you get to the conference.



Make Every Employee Your Best Employee with AI

Session ID #8841A

As a knowledge worker, finding the right answer at the right time can seem elusive. Fortunately, finding new ways to empower employees and scale expertise can be as simple as putting data you already have to work. Hear how oil and gas leader Woodside and other clients have placed highly tuned AI systems at the fingertips of their most important assets—their employees.

Explore the Watson sessions at Think


3. Use AI to manage the complexity of risk and compliance.

Today, banks spend 10% of their operating budgets on compliance to keep pace with the 330 million pages of regulations and about 45,000 changes every year. AI helps firms manage regulatory risk and compliance as well as combat cybercrimes, preserving stakeholder trust and the firm’s reputation.

Learn how financial juggernauts like Morgan Stanley are using AI to address risk and compliance.

Morgan Stanley


Addressing the Security and Regulatory Conundrum for Financial Services

Session ID #2184A

Morgan Stanley and IBM have been leading an industry consortium to spearhead FSS regulatory and compliance standard for hybrid cloud. This session will provide FFS companies and other regulated industries the playbook and roadmap to ensure regulatory, security, and risk compliance. They’ll discuss how they worked with IBM to establish a standard control framework to create a regulatory control database and standardized controls.

See more Watson Financial Services sessions


4. Use AI to find the best talent.

Every organization depends on great talent, and the best talent significantly outperforms average talent. Organizations that use a recruitment platform powered by AI—designed and tested by organizational psychologists—can more effectively analyze the talent market to find candidates who best fit a role.

Discover HR and Talent sessions


5. Empower developers to build AI-powered applications.

As businesses establish teams to build applications using AI, they’re adopting AI tooling and training platforms. There is a great need for scalable AI solutions to ensure the success of big data projects. Sometimes clients want AI capabilities on-premises and other times in the cloud. IBM enables both.

Learn more at the Business and AI Campus at Think



We can’t wait to show you Think 2018

Watch Think 2018 on demand and learn all about the ways your business can put smart to work. We hope you enjoy the keynotes, interviews, and sessions, and we can’t wait to see you in San Francisco in 2019!


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