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Reimagined learning: New IT Infrastructure skills at Think

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Do you have the current skills that you’ll need to survive and prosper in today’s hyper-competitive IT industry?

You’ve had an amazing journey, thus far. What comes next?

Armed with the right skills, you’ll get the opportunities and professional recognition that you’ve earned. Whatever your level of sophistication or how extensive your deployment of the IBM Systems product portfolio, you’ll find that there’s something new and interesting for everyone to take their IT education to the next level at Think 2018.

Learn from fellow Power Systems users and gain insights into the latest Power news and activities. Connect through shared interests and develop expertise by joining the IBM Z community. The IBM Storage Solutions community can help you connect, learn and share with storage experts. And, the IBM LinuxONE community will focus on enterprise Linux systems for extreme security, speed, and scale.

Think Academy: Your pathway to new skills and certifications

Here’s a sample of the planned IT Infrastructure labs you can attend:

Digital Transformation: Develop New Apps in IBM Cloud Leveraging IBM Power Systems On-Premise Data
Creating cloud-native applications and integrating them with legacy data and services is a typical need to support digital transformation. This lab drives you through the development of a prototype to enhance customer experience in a retail industry context. We’ll start with the demo of a retail prototype showing the value of cloud native applications combined with backend data. Attendees will then experience the development of a use case of the demonstrated application using Node-RED and other services (such as Weather Company data on IBM Cloud or private Power Systems/IBM i web services) to propose personalized promotion to retail customers. No specific technical skills are required.

Experience Machine Learning with Mainframe Data
Data is everywhere, and organizations that can sift through their mountain of data for key insights will emerge ahead of the competition. Machine Learning for z/OS (MLz) is designed to help you extract value from your data on IBM Z. Learn how to build models to address business questions from your data. In this lab, you’ll go through each stage of the machine learning workflow, from model development to deployment. You’ll also learn how to manage the lifecycle of each model after deployment to production.

IBM Pervasive Encryption End-to-End Implementation
IBM Pervasive Encryption can reduce corporate exposure to data breaches and enable more stringent compliance regulations to protect data at rest. This hands-on lab will provide attendees with practical experience of enabling Pervasive Encryption dataset encryption. Tasks will include: data key generation, policy creation, encrypting datasets, monitoring, and reporting. IBM products used during the lab will be z/OS Dataset Encryption, zSecure Audit, ICSF, and QRadar.

Data Optimization through Storage Virtualization, Tiering, and Data Reduction
Be the IT hero by bringing storage virtualization to your company in order to realize business benefits and significant cost savings. Learn how you can free your data from individual silos of storage arrays to seamlessly move data to different media, cutting costs while increasing performance. Utilize data reduction to realize even greater efficiencies. This hands-on lab gives you the opportunity to try the technology to deliver true data optimization for your business.

Moving Data Across Systems Using the IBM HyperScale Manager
Join this hands-on lab session to learn how the IBM HyperScale Manager can help with moving data through data migration and HyperScale Mobility. You’ll learn how to do these actions using the IBM FlashSystem A9000/A9000R and XIV.

Consider all the compelling reasons why you’ll benefit from attending Think Academy:

  • $1,000s of value in training, certifications, hands-on labs, and soft-skills training
  • University-like atmosphere to unplug and recharge from the conference
  • 1,000+ labs, certifications, deep dives, and training sessions
  • 800+ machines devoted to labs and certifications



We can’t wait to show you Think 2018

Watch Think 2018 on demand and learn all about the ways your business can put smart to work. We hope you enjoy the keynotes, interviews, and sessions, and we can’t wait to see you in San Francisco in 2019!


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