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Reimagine learning: Introducing Think Academy

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Professional development too often falls short of expectations.

Think Academy is about to change all of that. Labs, certifications, and training opportunities are among the top reasons to attend IBM conferences. And we want to make sure you get the most out of every minute you spend with our experts.

That’s why we’re creating Think Academy to be a supportive place for you to experience new technology, spend time with experts, and explore your potential.

What is Think Academy?

Think Academy is everything you love about labs and certifications surrounded by experts and teachers in an engaging and inspiring environment. You’ll learn all about the technology that’s disrupting business and changing the planet through 1,000+ labs, 300+ certifications, and more. An essential part of the Think 2018 experience, Think Academy gives you the unique opportunity to get a full year’s worth of professional education in just 4 days.


You’ll need to register using an IBMid to personalize your experience. If you don’t have an IBMid, you will create one after clicking a registration option.

First and foremost, Think Academy is a place to learn. With thousands of labs and certification exams available, you can feel free to learn what you want to learn while gaining valuable career credentials along the way. Beyond what you learn, it’s also about how you learn, giving you access to scheduled, open, and group labs covering a huge array of technologies. And you can even learn on what you want to learn on—whether you choose to use lab machines or bring your own devices to explore our huge catalog of labs at your leisure.

We also want this to be a place to focus. Less like a conference venue and more like an inviting and inspiring space, the labs at Think Academy were designed with focus in mind. You’ll find everything from open group study areas to quiet nooks for a bit of privacy.

With top talent, expert speakers, brilliant practitioners, and thinkers from around the world, Think is a place to meet. Talk with the top minds behind the biggest advances in technology—from IoT, cloud, data, and security to AI, blockchain, systems and more. Have your biggest questions answered by IBM experts. Get to know your peers and leaders in your industry.

Lastly, we want you to see this as a place to play. Sometimes even the most serious machines can mean some serious fun. You’ll have access to technologies you’ve been longing to spend some time testing out. With other great games and exciting, activities plus lots of welcoming spaces designed for hanging out, you might discover that the more playful parts of Think Academy are the most active spots you’ll find at Think 2018.

Hear more about Think Academy from Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, Cloud Platform, and Containers/Schematics Tribe Leader in this brief video.

Labs & Certifications

At the heart of Think Academy you’ll find free hands-on training through 1000+ labs, certifications, deep dives and training sessions filled with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Think labs are tailored to help you learn the way you learn best, whether that be through instructor-led interactions or at your own pace. You can bring your own machine or use any of the many provided. Participate in collaborative group labs or choose independent study.

You control your experience at Think Academy and decide which invaluable skills you’d like to bring back to your organization.


The DevZone lets you get caught up on all the technology you’ve been hearing about but haven’t yet had a chance to master: Blockchain, AI, ML, DevOps, Security, VR, IoT, and much, much more. You’ll get to know a lot more about your tech of choice during 15-minute Hello World Labs. Have more questions? DevZone experts have the answers. Pick the brains of your peers and leaders in your industry via our Ask Me Anything areas. Don’t be afraid to follow those up with questions too as you meet and mingle with the experts in any of the open group spaces within Think Academy.You can even join small labs that will help you focus on the soft skills needed for any balanced and successful business skill set.



We can’t wait to show you Think 2018

Watch Think 2018 on demand and learn all about the ways your business can put smart to work. We hope you enjoy the keynotes, interviews, and sessions, and we can’t wait to see you in San Francisco in 2019!


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