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INDUSTRIOUS Magazine: Industry-critical trends to prep you for Think 2018

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Among the excitement of Think 2018, a special “meeting of the minds” is taking place across 50+ sessions tackling industry-critical trends.

Discussions, panels, presentations and receptions all geared toward understanding the market in the age of AI and Cloud and what that means in the context of every industry from telecommunications to finance to manufacturing.


INDUSTRIOUS Magazine pulls together all of the crucial industry-driving POVs that will be shared at Think and pairs them with urgent editorial stories at the heart of every industry.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this edition:

  • Planes, trains, and automobiles: 6 ways automation will change everything
  • The incredible ways governments use the Internet of Things
  • How smart is your jacket? Tommy Hilfiger, FIT usher AI into the fashion industry
  • How GIFS took over the world (and what that means for Telco)
  • In banking, how to humanize virtual agents just enough
  • The key to tracking next year’s flu outbreak? Try wearables
  • The little-known story of the first IoT device
  • Breaking the mold of traditional insurance
  • What the dream of dome cities tells us about urban sustainability

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Need a little more context?

Letters from editors Sharon T. Driscoll (CMO, Enablement and Industry Marketing) and George Hammer (Head of Content) are below.

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This special downloadable version contains hyperlinks to additional content like thought leadership series “A Strange Exchange.”


Letters from the Editors

Sharon T. Driscoll, CMO
Enablement & Industry Marketing, IBM

Rapid change is permeating every industry. In telecommunications, the demand for bandwidth is pushing the limits of the existing networks. In retail, the in-store experience is struggling against the boom of e-commerce and same day shipping. In government, a demand for transparency is putting focus on updating decades old processes to better connect with citizens and keep them safe.

All of these challenges have one thing in common: they can benefit from the exponential growth in technology. From cloud to AI to security, the future of every industry rests on the smart application of emerging technology and the expertise to implement business transformation at scale.

In this edition of INDUSTRIOUS we highlight a series of industry perspectives paired with editorial stories that are relatable, relevant, and timely. These stories give context to the forces shaping every industry and the solutions that can position any enterprise to succeed in the modern market.







George Hammer
Head of Content, IBM

Content, as a word, gets thrown around a lot. It can mean a company blog, a massive advertising effort, a how-to video, an infographic. But strong content isn’t any one campaign. It’s a story that resonates. A story that can’t be ignored. A story that matters.

The collection in this edition of INDUSTRIOUS is cut from the cloth of the challenges we all face on a daily basis: the demand for instant gratification, a deluge of data, a changing workforce.

It’s my hope that you’ll find these stories to be barometers of the market, a common rallying point—and a source of inspiration for a better future for all.



We can’t wait to see you at Think 2018.

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Editor-In-Chief: Industry Marketing Content

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