IBM and Salesforce: Putting smart to work at Dreamforce 2018

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After last year’s announcement of IBM and Salesforce joining together for a strategic partnership, we’re excited to dive even deeper into our joint solutions. We’re leveraging IBM Watson’s industry-leading enterprise AI and machine learning on the Salesforce platform this year at Dreamforce 2018.


What you’ll find at booth #300

Get Updates 1 ImgFor a glimpse of what you’ll learn about the latest offerings for Watson and Cloud visit us at the IBM Booth in the Dreamforce Trailhead and IBM Booth #300 in Moscone South. As an official Diamond Sponsor this year, we’ll be front and center with our Salesforce consulting practice, Bluewolf, an IBM Company.

Stop by and say hi to our experts. They’ll be standing by and ready to answer all your questions about how Salesforce and IBM can help you make better decisions, faster than ever before. You’ll discover which solutions can help your enterprise extract value from all your data to drive better outcomes and experiences.

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Here’s a quick guide to your must-see sessions

IBM & Salesforce: Putting Smart to Work Inside Your Business
If you’re making your own list of must-see sessions, this is the one to put at the top! Year two of this landmark partnership continues to deliver solutions that help businesses of all sizes and industries make faster, smarter decisions. See the latest solutions from IBM and Salesforce, and learn how the combined AI of Einstein and Watson, blockchain, and cloud help deliver better experiences and stronger performance. Learn all this and more from IBM’s Adam Bataran, Global Leader, IBM-Salesforce Partnership. And don’t miss this big announcement of a new product, the latest and greatest to come from this accelerating partnership.

Transforming Business with AI: A New Salesforce & IBM Watson Product
Salesforce and IBM have partnered once again to create a solution that marries the customer-centric expertise of the Salesforce platform with Watson’s industry-leading NLP and domain mastery. Join IBM’s Rashida Hodge — VP, Watson Embed and Strategic Partnerships — and Slade Foster — Salesforce Client Partner, IBM Watson — as they unveil a new product for Service Cloud with senior leaders from IBM Watson, Salesforce, and our client.

Next Best Action with Watson
This technical deep dive is designed with top-notch developers in mind. Listen as Marc Nehme, Chief Architect at Watson, and Slade Foster, Salesforce Client Partner, IBM Watson, discuss how Next Best Action with Watson integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud via the Lightning Experience. Learn how this solution can automate case analysis to understand what needs to be done, suggest the most appropriate next best action, and guide your agent to quickly resolve the case. Then just sit back and watch as records are smashed for customer satisfaction and response times. Keep on top of the latest when you sign up for notifications.


Take a deep dive into the Dev Zone

Visit us in the Dev Zone for a deeper dive into the latest Salesforce + IBM solutions.

IBM Watson Solutions for Salesforce
Developers, prepare to be delighted. Find us in the Dev Zone to discover firsthand how simple it is to apply the power of enterprise-grade AI by integrating Watson Services into Salesforce. We’ll even send you back to the office with the answers you need to help sales, service, marketing commerce and more understand how IBM Watson Solutions for Salesforce can help them make smarter decisions faster than ever. Before your onsite deep dive, brush up on the basics.

Learn more about Watson and Salesforce

What Salesforce with IBM Cloud Integration can do for you
While you’re planning your agenda, make sure to carve out some time for a quick cloud chat about your company’s long-term technology goals. IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce enables businesses to unlock the full potential of Salesforce. By harnessing on-premises and cloud data across multiple applications, organizations can drive operational efficiencies and deliver enhanced customer experiences. Learn before you go with a quick rundown of capabilities.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce


Learn more about cloud integration in our Developer Expos

Unleash Your Salesforce Cloud with an API Strategy
Your digital projects need to integrate both internal and third party APIs, including Salesforce, to support your digital agendas. Learn how to quickly secure, manage, and socialize your APIs, both on premises and in third-party cloud environments, to accelerate your transformation.

Easily Extend Salesforce Platform Events to Your Enterprise
Salesforce Platform Events create new, exciting ways to automate your business processes beyond, but adoption doesn’t need to be complicated. See the power of an event-driven architecture and learn how to quickly and easily integrate Platform Events with your other business assets, both on premises and in third-party clouds.



Discover what’s happening at Dreamforce 2018

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