IBM at Collision 2018: The diversity around Day 2

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We’re back for our second day here at Collision, and the lineup of speakers has been incredible! Chairman Emeritus of Cisco John Chambers discussed how startups can (and should) become the economic driver for our entire country moving forward. And we learned how to create the next big thing through the countless years and sacrifices that Harry’s, Peloton, and have made to differentiate themselves in their saturated markets.

From building your brand, to learning about the next generation of sports and e-sports entertainment, to Lyft’s rising market share, to the evolution of storytelling for a modern audience, Day 2 at Collision was jam-packed with a wealth of diverse topics. Thanks to these provocative talks, attendees here have been inspired and motivated to think more deeply about where so many of us have come from, and where we may be going.

Here’s a quick overview of some of our highlights and what we loved from Day 2 here in New Orleans!

Day 2 with IBM

Today at Collision, we’ve been exploring Watson, cloud, blockchain, and the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program through various exciting activations and a helpful Ask Me Anything Bar. And from becoming a cloud architect to a second day of building blockchain apps, we’ve been floored by all the positive responses from young developers and entrepreneurs who’ve been getting their hands dirty with the latest technologies we have to offer.

Become an IBM Cloud architect in 40 minutes

Edward Saipetch led the fastest-ever workshop on IBM Cloud! This session covered all the essentials of IBM Cloud architecture from an experienced solution architect’s perspective. He provided a detailed overview of core capabilities like Cloud Foundry, IBM Cloud Functions, containers and Docker, infrastructure services, and many of the services on IBM Cloud—from databases to Watson.

If you want to essentially learn Edward’s job in 2,400 seconds, you can catch him one more time tomorrow at 11:30 AM CT!

Our activations and services are a hit!

Our impressive booth has continuously drawn crowds interested in exploring the Star Trek™: Bridge Crew activation, as well the Blockchain Wall and Ask Me Anything Bar. Hear from some of our subject matter experts as they discuss their roles and what these experiences offer our attendees.
The Ask Me Anything Bar
Learn from our IBM experts as they answer your most important questions regarding AI, cloud, and blockchain.


The Blockchain Wall
Our blockchain experts will take you through the global journey of a coffee bean to demonstrate blockchain’s value to automating processes, improving privacy, reducing friction, and increasing efficiencies. With blockchain, you can guarantee the quality of goods or services through an immutable shared ledger.

IBM at Collision 2018; New Orleans Morial Convention Center

Star Trek™: Bridge Crew
Day 3 is your last chance to experience this exciting activation! Watson is awaiting your orders in Star Trek: Bridge Crew, an innovative new game from Ubisoft built with the Watson Unity SDK. In Bridge Crew, you’ll lead a team of NPCs aboard the bridge of a United Federation of Planets starship. Watson’s speech-to-text service transcribes your voice commands, parses their meaning, and performs the desired action—whether that be “Shields up!”, “Fire photon torpedos!”, or “Red alert!”. Watson puts you and your voice in the captain’s chair.


If you haven’t had the chance to come by and learn more about blockchain, Watson, cloud, or our Star Trek: Bridge Crew activation, we look forward to seeing you on Day 3.

What else we loved from Day 2 at Collision

The Women in tech lounge, sponsored by

One area that we loved was the Women in tech lounge sponsored by This booth invited all attendees to relax and network with others while discussing the role of inclusiveness and opportunities for women in the tech industry.

IBM at Collision 2018; New Orleans Morial Convention Center

As a recent recipient of the prestigious 2018 Catalyst Award, IBM prides itself on building a workplace that embraces authenticity, challenges unconscious biases, and celebrates women who achieve and the allies that create positive environments where everybody can thrive.

Watch this video to learn more about how IBM strives to lead progressive workplace practices around diversity and inclusion.


Looking ahead…

We look forward to concluding this incredible experience with you tomorrow, covering a second workshop around becoming a cloud architect in 40 minutes, as well as a new session around AI and IBM Watson. And if you didn’t get a chance to come by the booth, this is your last chance to try out the Blockchain Wall, experience Star Trek™: Bridge Crew, or meet one of our leads from the Global Entrepreneur Program. We look forward to concluding our stay in the Big Easy with you! Learn more about IBM at Collision 2018.

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