The Inaugural ET Bluemix Experience Day

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Participants in the dayOn Monday 12th May, 15 Emerging Technology engineers gathered in the Client Centre for our inaugural Bluemix Experience Day. The objective of the day was to bring together experts from across the IBM Emerging Technology Focus Areas to take a deep dive into IBM’s Codename: Bluemix platform and come up with ideas for new innovation projects which could exploit this new technology that is currently in Open Beta.

Bluemix is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, which takes open source Cloud Foundry as its base and extends it with a Dashboard for developers to manage their applications and services, a rich set of browser based development tools called IBM DevOps Services and an extensive catalog of IBM, Partner and Community created runtimes and services to support the rapid development of new Systems of Engagement.

Cloud Focus Area leads Mike Edwards and Andy Bravery hosted the day, assisted by Marc D’Arcy who already has extensive experience of using Bluemix to create mobile applications through client work eariler in the year. The other 12 participants quickly organised themselves into pairs, and selected particular areas of interest to go and explore. These included the various development tool integration options that Bluemix offers, which include Eclipse plug-ins for Cloud Foundry and integration with Rational Tooling. Individual pairs selected to develop in their preferred language, such as Java, Node.js and Ruby, exploiting the polyglot capabilities of the Bluemix environment.

As the day progressed, there was lively discussion around how other emerging technologies such as the Gaian database and various security technologies could add value to developers working with Bluemix, and the rapid development lifecycle capabilities of a PaaS environment meant that these discussions could quickly move on into prototyping of ideas, without having to spend time provisioning new machines and installing software stacks. Bluemix even allows the developer to specify the web address they want their application to have, and makes it available at the click of a button eliminating the need to involve IT network management in the deployment of new applications.

By the end of the day, a long list of follow-on project ideas had been drawn up, which will hopefully soon start to bring valuable new capabilities to the Bluemix platform and our clients who want to exploit it. Why not sign up for your free Bluemix Open Beta account today, and see why the Emerging Technology team are making this one of their key enablement tools going forward.

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