Physical Web

QR Codes to Bluetooth We’ve had QR codes in our lab for years, though I don’t think they’ve ever been the significant part of a real project (feel free to shout me down ETS colleagues). The technology behind them is solid, but their usability problems are well documented, or the butt of a joke. Despite […]

BBC Make It Digital – Showing off our research

The BBC Make It Digital tour is all about digital creativity and aims to inform and inspire people around the UK, both children and adults alike. When the tour visited Cardiff as part of the Harbour Festival I was delighted that Cardiff University would be showcasing “SHERLOCK”, a new kind of digital assistant that is […]

The impact of cognitive computing on computing education

STEMtech is an annual conference focusing on advancing education in science, technology, engineering and maths, bringing together industry, educators and government policy makers. At this year’s STEMtech, Dale Lane from IBM’s ETS gave a talk explaining Cognitive Computing and introduced and led a lively discussion on how this will change the way that children are […]

Talking about Controlled English: A language for human-machine interaction

For the last few years some of us on ETS have been doing client-funded research, and one of the things we’ve been investigating is whether there is a language that could be used to make it easier for normal people and machines to interact with each other. Not a programming language (we’ve got enough of […]

IBM ETS and Vodafone Hackday Event

The IBM Hursley Emerging Technology Centre and ETS team hosted Vodafone on Friday 12th Dec for a one day Hackday. The focus of the day was a hypothetical Car Pooling/Commuting application, designed to encourage employees to share vehicles on their way to work. The prototype applications were rapidly created using services available in IBM’s Bluemix […]

Developer Eminence Lightning Talks in the Hursley Auditorium

ETS assisted in the organisation of a set of Developer Eminence Lightning Talks in the Hursley Auditorium earlier this month. Topics covered included writing blog posts, Google Hangouts, hackathons and how to create podcasts. To really drive home how easy the latter can be, Jon McNamara and Adrian Warmam recorded a live, seat-of-the-pants edition of […]

Emerging Technology Centre Innovation Day

  The Emerging Technology Centre (ETC) was a hive of activity earlier this month, playing host to back-to-back events in support of the UK company’s strategic initiatives – Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social & Security (CAMSS), and more. At the first event, colleagues from across the business witnessed a series of new and innovative demonstrations taken […]

Automatic detection of anomalies in sensor data from buildings

Clients who maintain buildings spend many months building rules to create alarms when something goes wrong. However: It’s time consuming and tedious to manually enter all the rules Even once a large number of rules have been established, the system is still rather fragile and produces lots of false alarms. This is expensive because it […]

Oculus Rift Hack Day (and beyond)

For the ETS hack day, the team of Peter J, Markus, Hamish, Yi and I experimented with the Oculus Rift (OR) which we had been lent. We started by deciding the goal for the project – To create an interactive virtual environment that assists in controlling the real environment (including display of real-world data in […]