Darren Shaw

Experience of Innovation in Emerging Technology

The last thing anyone wants to read is another “10 tips on how to be innovative”. People or groups that genuinely are creative, inspiring or innovative rarely make that claim of themselves. They don’t need to. That being said, I’m part of a team in IBM called Emerging Technology and we do run innovation workshops with colleagues, […]

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Kappa Architecture on Bluemix

During the last three years I’ve been responsible for helping the US Masters, Roland Garros and primarily Wimbledon understand how people are engaging with the events on social media. Their requirements have led to a messy combination of stream processing, batch processing and static indexing. I’ve started to look at how a Kappa architecture might […]

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Physical Web

QR Codes to Bluetooth We’ve had QR codes in our lab for years, though I don’t think they’ve ever been the significant part of a real project (feel free to shout me down ETS colleagues). The technology behind them is solid, but their usability problems are well documented, or the butt of a joke. Despite […]

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