Non-EDI Orders can be Processed Autonomously

For most manufacturers, one of their primary goals is to ensure timely product delivery faster to the right customer and have it done as efficiently as possible. In today’s business, efficiency is often measured through automation. Traditionally, sales order automation has been addressed through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and EDI related processes. EDI does have […]

4 Ways to Empower your Marketing Warriors for the Age of the Customer

Clicks. Visits. Engagement rates. Conversions. If you are like me, spending your Monday mornings reviewing all these metrics (with more being added every day) to determine the success of your marketing campaigns, can be daunting if not overwhelming. So it’s important to balance metrics with sitting back and reflecting. I recently heard Thomas Friedman’s keynote […]

Unlocking Your Dark Data Archives (Sweeping Clean Your Records Floor)

Have you ever moved homes? If you have, you have gone through the daunting task of reviewing your documents in the folders and deciding to keep them or throw them away. If you keep them, you will either put them into a modern file cabinet that isn’t rusting or put them into a locked fireproof […]

Automated Role-based Redaction Reduces Risk and Streamlines Data Security

As cognition makes its way into cars, devices, buildings, business processes and more, securing all transactions and sensitive data is even more essential to ensure trust in our systems of commerce and to reduce risk to every party involved. Business content often contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like social security numbers and credit card numbers, […]

Beyond File Sync and Share – 5 things you need to know

The “ah ha” moment. For so many of our clients who implement Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS) solutions, their “ah ha” moment comes when they begin to understand their own personal content journey beyond their current use case and when they start reaching into Enterprise Content Management (ECM). EFSS is a visible, and highly […]

Insurance in 2020: Fast Track your Content Management Roadmap with Cloud Services

Last week, Forrester and IPD hosted a webinar where they spoke to how Cloud was impacting the Insurance industry.  If you missed this webcast, be sure to catch the replay.  Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals at Forrester Research, kicked off the event by covering the trends, challenges, and recommended practices for managing […]

Watson fuels better business outcomes with IBM Datacap Insight Edition

IBM World of Watson 2016 impressed thousands of clients, business partners, analysts and technology professionals, promising attendees a view into the cognitive journey disrupting and transforming the world around us. And it delivered. IBM World of Watson was all about cognitive technology and cognitive experiences. I had the opportunity to interact with Pepper, Niki and […]

Bank rekindles its Customer Engagement with IBM ECM

I have always enjoyed reading books. As a child, I often had fantastical thoughts on how nice it would be if my book could help me with meanings of new words, or even mark interesting phrases for future referencing. For that matter, read a book without breaking its spine while comfortably tucked in bed! And […]

A hospital migrates 50 TB of data into IBM CMOD eArchival system

Somewhere between the classic car and the showroom model is the junker we all drove in high school.  We may have loved it, but it took a lot of work.  The same could be said for today’s old Legacy systems.  Helix International  helped amp up  the antiquated data for a large United States hospital. In […]

Manage the content lifecycle, improve efficiency and reduce costs

Depending on where you look, between 80% to more than 90% of corporate data is unstructured. The explosion of business, social and other user generated content continues to generate an influx of unstructured data that makes previous information volumes seem like a slow trickle in comparison. It is widely known that per Terabyte storage costs […]

It’s not raining, but it sure is Cloudy

I just got back from the IBM World of Watson event in Las Vegas.  Maybe I’ll write another blog soon about that experience because it was such a great event and it was so fun to hear our Chairman and CEO, Ginni Rometty, speak in the brand new T-Mobile arena.   But I digress….the reason I […]

IBM World of Watson – Wednesday

Wednesday was the big day – Ginni Rometty gave a keynote presentation early Wednesday afternoon. Her presence is so tied with Watson and having the opportunity to listen to her speak was simply amazing. Her keynote started out by outlining that while we were at a conference titled IBM World of Watson, in reality, we’re […]