IBM and Box

IBM and Box combine technologies and resources to transform the way users work in the cloud and offer easy-to-use, secure collaboration solutions that tap into local data but have global reach. Digital transformation is pressuring every organization; users need to collaborate across every team, IT mired in support for multiple legacy systems and businesses need quick access to relevant content and insights. IBM and Box enables collaboration and process across the extended enterprise from the cloud. It is secure and compliant for every industry and geography. It also provides valuable insights to personalize your experience to help you work more effectively, not just more productively. The integration of IBM and Box technologies, combined with global cloud capabilities and the ability to enrich content with analytics, will help unlock actionable insights for use across the enterprise

The Making of Box Relay

At BoxWorks 2016, IBM and Box announced Box Relay – a new and re-imagined workflow solution targeted at business who need to create and track simple workflows.  It not only allows team members within the enterprise to participate in the workflow, but it also supports team members beyond the “four walls” of the enterprise as […]

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Recap of Box at IBM Connect 2017

Two of my favorite things, IBM Connect and the city of San Francisco, have come together in an amazing week that I feel compelled to tell you all about. Don’t get me wrong, I love Orlando where IBM Connect has been hosted in the past.  I’m a Florida native and talking to clients in the […]

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Welcome to the IBM ECM Blog

IBM Enterprise Content Management software enables the world's top companies to make better decisions, faster. By controlling content, companies can use industry-specific solutions to capture, manage. and share information. The IBM ECM portfolio includes: document capture and imaging; social content management; advanced case management; information lifecycle governance and content analytics.

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Connect the right teams for success at IBM Connect 2017

When was the last time you worked on something without having any input or feedback? Sounds like almost never! The best pieces of work require one to work with the right people who have the right perspectives at the right time. Companies today need the right teams working together to deliver best results. Just like […]

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When it comes to better business results and collaboration, the proof is in the pudding…and in Box.

One of the most powerful experiences I can share as a marketing professional is a great customer success story. It’s the “proof in the pudding” that affirms the real business results the customer is realizing from their experience. So I got to thinking about this power of proof that I could share with my network […]

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Key Collaboration Trends for 2017

In 1984, Marvel Comics creators Tom DeFalco and Herb Trimpe showed a futuristic version of Iron Man named, ‘Iron Man 2020.’ Having 2020 only three years away gives you a very different perspective on Arno Stark’s armor.  One that will probably have you laughing so hard that you would not be able to finish this […]

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4 Ways to Empower your Marketing Warriors with IBM and Box

Clicks. Visits. Engagement rates. Conversions. If you are like me, spending your Monday mornings reviewing all these metrics (with more being added every day) to determine the success of your marketing campaigns, can be daunting if not overwhelming. So it’s important to balance metrics with sitting back and reflecting. I recently heard Thomas Friedman’s keynote […]

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Beyond Enterprise File Sync and Share – 5 things you need to know

The “ah ha” moment. For so many of our clients who implement Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS) solutions, their “ah ha” moment comes when they begin to understand their own personal content journey beyond their current use case and when they start reaching into Enterprise Content Management (ECM). EFSS is a visible, and highly […]

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Why sharing vacation photos isn’t the same as sharing confidential business content

When it comes to vacationing, thank goodness for cloud software, am I right? We all know how it goes. Everyone lines up to take the group or family photos, and each person hands over their personal phone to the one poor guy who’s juggling them all while taking the picture. It takes forever for the […]

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A New World Awaits: Box @ World of Watson

A new world awaits all those who attend World of Watson 2016. World of Watson, or WoW, takes place in Las Vegas from October 24th-27th and remains IBM’s signature data and analytics conference. There’s still time to register – which you can do here. As we mentioned in a previous post, IBM Insight, which many […]

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IBM @ Boxworks 2016 Recap

Boxworks 2016 has just wrapped up in San Francisco and it was a great event. IBM was represented in full force as a sponsor of the conference. We had a presence in the Partner Pavilion, BoxDev Pavilion, and through keynotes and sessions. Boxworks is particularly interesting for IBM. Many of IBM’s customers are also Box […]

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Announcing Box Relay

At BoxWorks 2016, IBM and Box began an exciting new chapter in our strategic partnership with the announcement of Box Relay. Read the press release here. The first phase of the IBM and Box partnership provided integration between many IBM software products and Box.  IBM’s ECM integrations enabled hybrid use cases between our customer’s on-premise […]

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Begin Again, And Again And Again

“Because they didn’t know of any other way.” That was the answer an analyst gave when someone in a meeting asked why a certain company continued to use a particular piece of software. It’s this level of honesty that I was forced to confront when looking at my favorite spreadsheet (some people have a favorite […]

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