Content Analytics

Content Analytics is all about building insights from your unstructured data by leveraging machine learning, natural language processing, and next-gen APIs to affect better decision making in your organization. By providing a platform for crawling and importing content, parsing and analyzing content, and creating a searchable index, Content Analytics helps you perform text analytics across all data in your enterprise and make that data available for analysis and search.
IBM Content Analytic solutions allows organizations to combine the power of cloud-based enterprise search, content analysis, and cognitive solutions to connect and view data insights across silos for better business outcomes.

Gain Cognitive Insights and Build Scalable Cognitive Solution with the new IBM Watson Explorer Community Edition

Imagine if you could ask questions with the ease of natural language and discover insights from ALL the data in your organization without worrying about different data formats. What if you could also reveal deep insights from your data without spending hours wrangling the data! How much more productive would you be if you could […]

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Top 5 security questions CIOs should ask before choosing an enterprise search solution

Enterprise search and content analytics have become essential for any company’s success, across industries, and especially which there is high-level of customer interaction. Users must be able to find and understand the information they need, when they need it, at the scale and speed global enterprises needs, all while maintaining security and reliability. Internal and […]

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Welcome to the IBM ECM Blog

IBM Enterprise Content Management software enables the world's top companies to make better decisions, faster. By controlling content, companies can use industry-specific solutions to capture, manage. and share information. The IBM ECM portfolio includes: document capture and imaging; social content management; advanced case management; information lifecycle governance and content analytics.

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How Honda is using Cognitive Search to drive real changes in quality assurance

Today, unstructured information represents more than 90% of the information within organizations. This IDC Case Study estimates that the digital universe will grow 40% per year over the next decade and, by 2020 it will reach an astounding 44ZB or 44 trillion gigabytes. Most of the unstructured information exists in the form of patent filings, […]

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How content analytics helps manufacturers improve product safety and save lives

Manufacturing problems can have a serious impact on businesses. This is especially true when these problems manifest themselves as product safety issues causing injury, or even death. Whether it’s a car or a children’s toy or an advanced medical device, product safety issues don’t just result in negative publicity about your products and services, it […]

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5 ways to turn data into insights and revenue with content analytics

More than 30% of all companies are expected to pursue data management, advanced analytics and cognitive computing to stay competitive and drive revenue. But except for a handful of leaders (like LinkedIn, Netflix, Nordstrom, Target and Verizon), most companies are still struggling to close the gap between data collection, insights and action. Experts predict a daunting […]

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Are critical business insights hiding inside your unstructured data? IBM Content Analytics can help.

The search function is a very powerful tool; assuming you have concrete keywords or concepts to find in your data.  And that does not even take into account the size of the information you might be searching. Business professionals are often working with massive amounts of information. In that circumstance, how would you compile all […]

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