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IBM Datacap Insight Edition – at the forefront of Cognitive Computing

Wow!  What any exciting time to be part of IBM and the information technology industry.  Over the next few years, IBM will lead in the explosive growth of Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IBM Datacap Insight Edition will play a major role in this next generation of computing. Approximately 80% of data in […]

Optimizing Content Platform and Document Capture Systems with Distillr

Organizational ECM and BPM departments are increasingly tasked with managing high volumes of content and supporting mission-critical business processes. Given the importance of these systems in operations and the interconnected nature of unstructured data in business processes with document capture systems, meeting service level agreements is critical. In order to avoid a troubleshooting fire drill, […]

Non-EDI Orders can be Processed Autonomously

For most manufacturers, one of their primary goals is to ensure timely product delivery faster to the right customer and have it done as efficiently as possible. In today’s business, efficiency is often measured through automation. Traditionally, sales order automation has been addressed through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and EDI related processes. EDI does have […]

Watson fuels better business outcomes with Cognitive Capture

IBM World of Watson 2016 impressed thousands of clients, business partners, analysts and technology professionals, promising attendees a view into the cognitive journey disrupting and transforming the world around us. And it delivered. The conference was all about cognitive technology and cognitive capture. I had the opportunity to interact with Pepper, Niki and Nikita, robots […]

IBM World of Watson – Wednesday

Wednesday was the big day – Ginni Rometty gave a keynote presentation early Wednesday afternoon. Her presence is so tied with Watson and having the opportunity to listen to her speak was simply amazing. Her keynote started out by outlining that while we were at a conference titled IBM World of Watson, in reality, we’re […]

IBM World of Watson – Tuesday

4:00 pm : Keeping up with the tradition from yesterday of packing our sessions, the ECM Roadmap and Strategy session was completely full! Everyone in the room was curious about what coming for the future of ECM. Feri Clayton, Director, IBM ECM Products and Strategy and Dana Morris, Program Director, IBM ECM Products led the […]

IBM World of Watson – Monday

4:00 pm : Enterprise Content Management Keynote: Outthink Content Chaos – A Winning Strategy for Content Services The keynote kicked off with Rich Howarth, VP ECM Products and Strategy, IBM sharing about the excitement and interest in three key areas: cloud, mobile and cognitive. Each of these pillars play an important role here at World […]

A new world awaits: Document Capture @ World of Watson

As highlighted in a previous post, IBM Insight, which many of our customers are familiar with, is now a part of World of Watson. The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) team has planned a packed agenda for attendees which covers 60 breakout sessions, a demo room, Hands on Lab opportunities, ECM Expert Exchanges, and more. The […]

Mobile Capture Unleashes New Services Opportunities for Turkcell Global Bilgi

Ever wondered how an organization finds success through its customers? An organization that focuses on customer centricity can proudly say that it has successfully managed to do so. Way back in 2005, I used to work for an employer based out of the UK. It was a time when getting an online insurance quote from […]

Get Set for a Digital Transformation that Accelerates your Business into the Future

There is a gigantic mountain of money waiting for the person or team that figures out how to deliver a cloud hosted, transaction based document processing solution that includes mobile devices as well as central scanning departments across numerous document types. This is an opinion I share at every Datacap class that I teach and […]

Leveraging Signature Verification across Industries

The decline of paper has been heralded many times in the past few years, but the fact is that there is still no substitute for the wet signature made on tangible, physical documents. Wet signatures can be treated as more authentic than electronic signatures. However, verifying the authenticity of a wet signature can be easily […]

Mobile is changing the world – is your organization ready?

Work dynamics and consumer expectations are constantly evolving. In fact, “IDC predicts that Smartphone and tablet spending will hit $484 billion, generating 40% of all IT growth” (IDC MaturityScape Benchmark:  Enterpise Mobilty in the United States, May 2015 , IDC# #256392). Employees work from remote locations and with increased connectivity and power in mobile technology, […]