Noah Kuttler

Beyond the firewall…how real marketers work with their vendors

As a marketing professional, I love writing.  And yet, one of the biggest hurdles in my job is working on collateral with my vendors outside of my company. From file sizes to version control, it’s a full-time job just managing the bits and pieces. Less writing. More operations. More confusion. I didn’t like it, at […]

IT can now turn from a Worrier to a Warrior by connecting these dots…

As far as skills go, “worrying” is quite possibly one of the most useful things going for the modern IT manager. Nobody wants to be the person who approved the solution that was easy enough for a script kiddie to crack between Minecraft sessions. But it’s not just security that the best IT professionals worry […]

IBM Redpaper For ECM Integrations Is Now Available

As a follow up to the announcement of our integrations with Box last year, the IBM Enterprise Content Management team has been working with our fellow Boxers to write a redpaper, “IBM Enterprise Content Management and Box.” Redpapers are a series of detailed “how to” documents created by the IBM International Technical Support Organization (ITSO) […]