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Managing Worker Safety with Content

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Raise your hand if you’re in the Information Management business!

Guess what? Your hand should be up. In an era of accelerating change, when information comes from many sources faster than ever, and when lack of reliable information has serious ramifications, we must manage information to get anything done. What if the stakes are high and the information you need to manage could mean life or death?  IBM has just published a new case study on Conqord Oil, which tells this story very well.

When Conqord Oil, part of Kuwait Petroleum International Group, decided to introduce a new metalworking fluids line, they entered a new territory of potential danger.  “To produce metalworking fluids, we work with many different chemicals, some of which can be highly volatile,” explains Roberto Raggi. “This makes it essential for us to ensure that all chemicals are handled with the utmost care.”

Conqord Oil workers rely on documents, called ‘International Chemical Safety Cards,’ which contain guidelines for the proper handling of each chemical. At about 15 to 20 pages each, employees must consult them each time they handle chemical materials. However, with more than 1,000 different chemicals in use, Conqord Oil was challenged to update each card rapidly and accurately.

“Information connected with the potentially dangerous elements of chemical materials changes on a daily basis,” continued Raggi. “For example, today our employees might not need to use safety equipment to handle a certain material, but this guidance could change tomorrow. We relied on largely manual methods to make the required updates, so it took considerable time and effort to complete this process.”

What Conqord needed to do is to get very agile with information.  They developed an ECM solution that began with IBM Datacap to capture each card, digitize it and apply metadata for rapid search and retrieval. Once captured, IBM Case Manager creates a framework for managing safety cards – to alert the team when a card is about to expire and communicate to workers when cards have new information. Finally, the information is delivered to workers over mobile device using IBM Case Manager Mobile, so staff and partners can request and authorize approvals anywhere in the plant or in the field.

It’s Information Management for the digital era and it shows the power of content management solutions to manage critical information to keep workers safe.

To learn more about IBM ECM solutions, read the eBook:


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