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For Adaptive Case Management, The Winners Are…

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The rise of the Digital Business has heightened the value of adaptive case management (ACM), leading to new use cases that take advantage of ACM’s ability to help organizations aggregate content and focus on customer engagement. The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and recognize excellence in adaptive case management with an annual award ceremony every year since 2010. The 2017 winners were announced in a live webcast on July 19 and two of them are using IBM Case Manager.

Analyst Connie Moore, Senior Vice President of Research at Digital Clarity Group, prefaced the awards webcast with some observations about the state of adaptive case management and its trajectory into emerging technologies like cognitive computing, Internet of Things, robotic process automation, and predictive analytics.  She called out the “silo problem,” where Business Processes have been built for departmental needs, but aren’t connected internally. When information is difficult to access, decisions are made with incomplete information, cycle times are slowed and customers are left waiting.

The 2017 WfMC winners beautifully demonstrate the benefits of connecting people, process and information to break down information silos.  Blueprint Genetics, which provides genetic testing services, was the first IBM user announced. In the field of genetic testing, companies typically take 30 days to return results to patients. Imagine awaiting results for a health issue, every day saved could be critical to the outcome.  In a solution designed and deployed by Elinar Oy, an IBM Business Partner, Blueprint Genetics uses IBM Case Manager with IBM Watson Explorer text analytics and IBM Big Insights to cut wait times in half.

Case Manager provides the framework for diagnosticians to gather all content and data needed to make an interpretation and report, while the analytics enables them to mine vast stores of medical literature to identify gene combinations acting as markers of particular diseases. Recognizing these patterns requires a lot of domain expertise, and with new medical research published daily, there was a risk that a relevant article might be missed.

“The challenge was to find a way to simplify, structure and automate as much of the analysts’ work as possible, to allow them to interpret the data and create the reports more quickly and easily,” remarks Samuel Myllykangas, CTO at Blueprint Genetics. “We needed something like an ERP system for genetic sequencing—but as far as we were aware, nobody had ever tried to build such a system before. We realized that we needed to break new ground and design a solution for ourselves.”

WfMC selects its winners based on innovation, implementation and impact. The judges agreed that the solution delivered on all three. You can view a short video about the Case Management application at Blueprint Genetics.

The other winner using Case Manager is PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, an electric utility that supplies power to Alabama and northwest Florida. Their adaptive case management solution was designed and built by enChoice, an IBM Business Partner, and is being deployed over several years in a Shared Services architecture across many divisions.

With Case Manager as the environment for getting work done, the solution has integrated IBM Datacap to capture documents like invoices (each of which can be 20,000 pages), they are connected to the Oracle E-Business Suite for accounts payable, expenses and payroll, and they can tap into PowerSouth’s GPS system for Right-of-Way data.

To get some background, I spoke with Jay Cavanna, Senior Architect at enChoice, who worked with PowerSouth on the application. “It really is all about the silo problem,” he agreed. “One of their legal experts had spent three weeks searching the basement of a courthouse for a deed. Once we had the system up, we showed them how to find the same document electronically in 30 seconds.”

enChoice has built a series of vertical solutions on IBM Enterprise Content Management, which customizes the user interface and embeds shortcuts and features for Legal, Engineering and Financial departments. For example, KwikWork for Engineering offers AutoCAD printing and other specialized capabilities. PowerSouth is taking advantage of the KwikWork enhancements in several departments.

Kenneth Jones, Business Systems Services Supervisor for PowerSouth, sums up the benefits and the theme is familiar: “Teams can get to the content they need without having to jump back and forth between multiple applications, which saves them a great deal of time and makes it easier to ensure that they are working with the most up-to-date information.”

In selecting PowerSouth for the 2017 Award for Excellence in Case Management, the judges praised the solution for its user experience, and its ability to provide visibility, insight and collaboration.  If you want to learn more about PowerSouth and enChoice, check out this short video.

Congratulations to Blueprint Genetics and Elinar Oy as well as PowerSouth Energy Cooperative and enChoice for setting a high standard and being recognized for this prestigious award.

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