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IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual: Do More with your Documents

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The most recent version of IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual (5.0.1) released in July 2017 signified an historic moment in the development of the versatile zero-footprint document viewing solution – it is the first version that allows end users to edit documents.

Using the built-in document builder functionality, it is now possible to cut, copy and paste document pages either within a single viewer or across multiple viewers hosted in the same web page. Annotation data is carried across with any page edits.

The use cases for this much anticipated feature include:

  • Splitting a large document into several smaller documents
  • Merging multiple documents into a single document
  • Deleting pages
  • Correcting page orientation

The document builder functionality can be used either within a custom integration of the viewer or via out of the box functionality in IBM Content Navigator (ICN) 3.0.1. Within ICN, the document building process honors any Role Based Redaction policy set on any of the source documents to ensure that document security is maintained.

The Daeja team was particularly excited to be bringing this new feature to market because it was functionality that we knew was the next stepping stone in ViewONE Virtual’s evolution.

We are geared up and ready for some exciting improvements to ViewONE Virtual in the second half of 2017!

Lead Architect, Daeja ViewONE, IBM ECM

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