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55 images. 5 seconds. Get smarter with cognitive capture.

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55 images.  5 seconds. Can you tell what they are?

Variance is the current problem in processing documents.  If your Vendor, Customer, or Government owns the document, but you have to process it, you have a variance problem.  You can’t control how information is given to you, which means you have a knowledge worker training and staffing problem.  Consequently, it also means you’re spending a lot of money on this little issue.

Variance is the exact problem IBM Datacap Insight Edition, or cognitive capture, solves and it takes a lot of tools to tackle it. Segmentation is where it begins. The system must understand how to read a document like a human would. This isn’t a newspaper and you can’t read it in neat little rows. There’s a big picture and that’s the entire document, but the information is packaged together into little bundles so you can gather insights into specific pieces of that big picture.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Label/Value pairs; because there is no such thing as unstructured. If I gave you a number such as, 120204149, it would be meaningless. Nothing can be done with this number. It is completely unstructured. If I put the word “Claimant” in front of it, you would have an idea of what the number means. If I also provide a Name with that Account Number, now you have something to work witha little structure.  Add a date along with a description of an accident, and you have yourself a bonafide business process in a semi-structured format. It doesn’t matter how it’s presented. The variance doesn’t matter. Only the content details and the process matters. Today’s solutions have to keep up with this idea.

The use cases for Datacap Insight Edition are clearly defined below:

  • If the information is in non-standard layout – not in neat rows for the OCR engines to read.
  • If the information is related, but the relationship varies from document to document.
    • Claimant / Account holder / Owner / Customer / Patient / etc…

A flexible solution that can interpret and associate this variance is what is needed.  Datacap Insight Edition is the tool we use to handle these use cases.

To watch Datacap Insight Edition in action, view the demo.

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