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Making the Case for Modernization that Works for You

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If you work in the complex world of case management like me, you know that digital business relies on how well you work with your content and analyze it…to bring life to customer scenarios, take next best actions and efficiently get the right information to the people who need it. I’m excited and motivated by how managing content and case workflows is continually evolving to be the machine that helps you drive true digital business reach clients in new and different ways.

My experience and focus with IBM Case Manager has always been to help you conquer the chaos of your content and truly put all of your business content to work for you. With the latest update of Case Manager, V5.3.1, including a new user interface, enhanced page and data layouts, new dashboard widgets and quick tasks, and faster solution deployment and packaging, we’ve taken streamlining your work to a new level.

With Case Manager, your case workers can see exactly the information needed, when it’s needed—including related or contextual data from other systems of record—in a modern, efficient, and intuitive way, empowered by an innovative user experience through the most recent update.

New features make IBM Case Manager even better

In Version 5.3.1, the advanced user experience begins with an efficient, intuitive UI. We have a new visual style update to help present your critical business content and activities in a cleaner and more modern way. But don’t worry, for old schoolers the “classic” style is still available.

Speaking of having things work for you, the new release offers you more control over page design with the Page Designer in Case Manager Builder. The new Free Form layout is a blank page where you can drag columns, titles, and tabs as you need them, and then you drag widgets into these containers.

What if a case worker just wants a simple way to remind themselves or others of something that needs to be done? We now have quick tasks for one-time activities where you can add, view, and manage new tasks related to a case without requiring any changes to the solution by the Solution Designer. By creating and managing their own set of quick tasks, each case worker can organize their work and address obstacles crop up, and they can even assign a quick task to another case worker and set a due date.

Widgets for improved statistics and personalization

Also new are two case widgets for case pages:

  • Chart widget allows you to display any of the IBM Case Monitor Dashboards on a page, showing case-related and task-related statistics for a solution.
  • Markup widget increases your flexibility through HTML and javascript allowing it to display whatever your creativity can come up with. And the widget also can interact with any other widget. The possibilities are endless.

We’ve thought of Solution Designers with this latest update too. Only what has changed is now deployed making deployments 10 times or more faster. Instant solution definition iteration here we come.

My team is always focused on improving your efficiency with Case Manager, allowing you to design and deploy solutions that help you achieve better business outcomes. Whether you’re working onsite, in the cloud, or in the field with mobile devices, we think you’ll benefit from the modern UI, enhancements and new design. Check out the new release and learn more on how you can tame structured and unstructured content to work for you. You can also see what other clients are saying on the and see some more detailed write-ups of the new features on the ECM Community.

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