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What Has ECM Done for You Lately? Putting Enterprise Content Management to Work

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With all the hubbub about whether ECM is “dead,” as Gartner claimed recently, or whether it should be called “Business Content Services” or “Transactional Content Services,” as Forrester insists, or maybe it’s really “Intelligent Information Management,” which is AIIM’s position, the debate about what to call the ECM category underscores the fact that most people use ECM today to activate business content and put it to work…and that the application of ECM in digital business is expanding.

What I mean to say is, if you want to know how ECM has expanded, or what it is becoming, you should focus on what organizations around the world are doing with their business content and how it applies to your business. And that’s exactly what we want to help you to do.  It’s called ECM At Work. It’s a series of 40 minute webcasts designed to answer questions for you about, “Who cares what you call it?  Tell me what it does for my business.”

ECM capabilities  are all designed to manage the process of extricating content that’s trapped in documents, media files and database silos, connecting the information together, and making it available for human understanding, inserting it into business applications, or securing it according to industry and government regulations. Simply put, it’s making your business more competitive, agile and personalized for your customers.

The ECM At Work series showcases IBM’s broad content capabilities and specific solutions that help you achieve streamlined, centralized access to and effective use of information–where, when and how you want it –increasing the speed of business and enhancing decision making.

Bookmark the ECM at Work webinar series page and register to hear about the solutions that your business could benefit from:

  • August 2 – IBM Content Manager OnDemand, IBM’s industry-leading statement management and enterprise archiving solution
  • August 8 – IBM Content Foundation, the FileNet platform for all things content, and still the repository of choice for global organizations
  • August 16 – Get the latest look at Case Manager for Digital Business applications
  • August 23 – IBM Content Navigator universal user interface and solution framework
  • September 13 – Datacap Insight Edition, the cognitive capture solution for analytics on unstructured content
  • September 20 – Watson Explorer, IBM’s content analytics solution for enterprise search and insight from content

The series will continue in October, with specific uses and examples from an industry view, showcasing solutions that combine capture, content, case management, analytics and statement archiving into high value industry-specific applications.

No matter what you call ECM, its value should be defined by what it can do to help you achieve your business goals, whether it is faster processing turnaround, increased and personalized customer engagement, greater business agility, or streamlined operations that reduce costs. Join the ECM At Work series to experience exactly what IBM content solutions can help your business achieve.


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