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Improved, modern user experience right at your fingertips with IBM Content Navigator

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People in the Northern hemisphere who were out enjoying summer vacation may have missed the announcement about the new functionality and improved, modern user experience that was just released in IBM Content Navigator 3.0.1!

The first thing you will notice in version 3.0.1 is the brand new look and feel.  My customers like the modern use of white space and the cleaner property editing.  If you prefer not to deploy the new interface, no worries. There is a setting in the ICN Admin client to toggle back to the classic interface.

Next, say goodbye to unnecessary downloading and uploading documents by using the new ICN Edit Service. Simply select a document and choose the ‘edit with desktop apps’ action. The document will seamlessly download and automatically open for editing in the native application on your desktop, like Word or Adobe.  When you save, the new version is seamlessly stored back to ICN. 

The Daeja Viewer in Content Navigator 3.0.1 added UI improvements, and the most anticipated new feature is Split and Merge. The Daeja Virtual Viewer now supports page manipulation between one or more documents.  For example, users can easily reorder, rotate, or cut individual scanned pages and copy them to a new or existing document.

For more details, check out this announcement.

Once you get back in the office from your travels, be sure to consider updating your servers and see how these new features can help your organization!

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Does this push this ICN 2.0.3 to EOS (end of support)?

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