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With the fast pace of innovation happening in the Software industry, particularly in the Enterprise Content Management(ECM) space, it is important for IBM to adopt and rapidly innovate by bringing in new capabilities to the market. To enable us to deliver new functionality more frequently while providing stability for those customers that are not ready to adopt the new function at the same pace, IBM has introduced the new Continuous Delivery policy in 2016. This new policy to offer continuous support allows customers to adopt the new function only when they are ready, while providing the option to remain on a longer-term support release.

We understand that there are many customers who run mission critical applications using our IBM ECM software and may prefer stability over new functionality. Hence, these customers will require product support for a longer period than that provided by the Continuous Delivery policy or even the Enhanced Support policy. To satisfy the needs of those customers, IBM is pleased to introduce a new Support option for select ECM products and releases that provides Continuing Support beyond the End of Service of a product. Continuing Support will provide you with continued access to the same knowledgeable ECM Global Support team you are working with today. This assistance, included with your active Subscription and Support renewal, will help keep your business running on ECM software until you are able to upgrade to take advantage of new features available in the latest ECM product versions.

Continuing Support allows you to enjoy many of the Subscription and Support benefits. Most importantly, our customers are confident that we have their back when they need help the most. Continuing Support does not have any end date and is an offering customers can benefit from indefinitely and immediately if their Subscription and Support is current. More details on the Continuous Support offering for the various ECM products and releases, can be found here.

In addition to Continuing Support, IBM still provides Service Extension subject to the lifecycle policy terms for an additional fee for customers who require Support beyond what is offered in the Continuing Support option. Here is a high-level overview of the various Support options and deliverables:

For more information about the Continuing Support offering, email us at askcs@us.ibm.com and we will be happy to help!


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