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You might be familiar with the Office Online Server integration with SharePoint Server or Exchange Server, but did you know that IBM Content Navigator also integrates with Office Online Server?

Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS) is an on-premises server for editing office documents in your browser. Several of my customers with Office 365 are considering taking advantage of OOS for greater control and lower network latency.

Specifically, this new Navigator integration enables users to create or edit existing IBM Content Foundation documents in OOS directly from their Navigator desktop. Navigator users can create new documents with OOS using document templates. Documents are also not downloaded to the local computer desktop, as new document versions are automatically saved directly to Content Foundation.  Multiple users can even collaborate by editing the same document in real time. To learn more about these detailed features, read our new solution brief.

Furthermore, this paradigm shift from desktop editing to editing in a web browser addresses several pervasive content management challenges. Here are some examples that I have encountered in my discussions with customers:

–    Call center users streamline the correspondence process with tailored Microsoft Word templates

–    Insurance auditors in remote offices can co-author Excel spreadsheets while collaborating on conference call

–    Marketing teams can easily follow their document publishing workflow with automatic check-in and versioning of documents

–    Lifecycle governance teams reduce their risk by eliminating the need to download financial documents to the workstation

I will demonstrate the Office Online Server integration and other exciting Navigator features, like role based redaction, at our IBM Content 2017 events. Don’t miss out and register for one of our events here today!


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