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Why Upgrade to IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) v10.1?

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Recently released version of IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) v10.1 has been long awaited and it contains several new innovations. CMOD is known for legendary compression and really packing in information when storing content. Did you know it can further lower the cost of storage? For example, with CMOD v 10.1 now you are able to use Cloud Object Storage (Amazon S3 or IBM Cloud Object Storage) to further reduce storage cost. There are several more exciting features in v10.1 that customers have been waiting for.

Here is brief information about new capabilities introduced in IBM CMOD v10.1. For more information on IBM CMOD v10.1 for Multiplatform, see the product documentation here. For more information on IBM CMOD v10.1 for z/OS, see the product documentation here.

  • Active-Active High Availability: configurations previously available only on z/OS platform is now available for Multiplatforms users also. DB2 PureScale, or Oracle RAC or Microsoft SQL Server with Windows Clustering Service is required to build Active-Active high availability configuration.
  • Encryption of Content in Storage: CMOD can be configured to encrypt the content in storage to provide additional level of security. No additional special hardware or software is needed for content encryption.
  • Cloud Object Storage: CMOD for Multiplatforms now provides expanded choice of storage regardless whether you have CMOD on-premise or on Cloud. CMOD has native support for IBM Cloud Object Storage (formerly known as Cleversafe), Amazon S3, SWIFT OpenStack Object Storage and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). No additional software such as TSM (now IBM Spectrum Protect) is needed to use any of these storages. On-premise users can have IBM Cloud Object Storage in their own data center or they may use it via public cloud or with dedicated Cloud storage option.
  • Document Hash: CMOD can now store documents along with 256-bit digital hash or digital signature, which helps in confirming document stored have not been altered or tampered with.
  • Unique Document ID: Each document stored in CMOD now has a unique DocumentID that allows document to be uniquely identified without referencing any other metadata.
  • Cross-platform availability of OS/390 indexer: OS/390 indexer previously available only on z/OS and AIX platforms is now available on all platforms. With that z/OS users of CMOD who are considering to move their workloads to other platforms or to CMOD on Cloud can do so without loss of any function.
  • Simplified pricing and packaging of optional features: Optional features of CMOD previously available only individually with PVU pricing for Multiplatforms or per establishment pricing for z/OS are now available in a new single package with simplified flat pricing on ‘per Install” basis. The new package is called Premium Feature Pack. For Multiplatforms, the Premium Feature Pack includes On Demand Distribution Facility, Enhanced Retention Management, Full Text Search and PDF Indexer. Single license of Premium Feature Pack entitles customers to use the included features with single Content Manager OnDemand instance. Premium Feature Pack is also available for iSeries and for z/OS. To use the features included in Premium Feature Pack, CMOD v10.1 is required.

To learn more about CMOD, the #1 cognitive enterprise archive and retrieval solution, check out the solution brief.

Interested in meeting with CMOD product experts? Here is your chance to register for a complimentary CMOD technical workshop in a city near you!

Senior Offering Manager, IBM Content Manager offerings (CM8, CMOD)

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There is any documention about how i can configure Active-Active High Availability


Shailesh Gupta

@Waleed – Please see following for more information re: Active-Active High Availability with CMOD v10.1 for multiplatforms.


    Nasir Hussain SM

    I’m looking to do certifications on IBM CMOD. Could you please guide where and how to do it. Thanks in advance.

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