IBM Content Manager (CM8) is ready for Digital Enterprise – are you ready?

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IBM Content Manager is evolving to meet the needs of the changing workforce and enterprise. Used by several large global clients, like banks, insurance companies and government agencies, IBM Content Manager is expanding to support business processes that span cross-company boundaries in the digital enterprise.

To serve your customers, citizens, vendors, and partners more effectively, content management systems can no longer be confined to users inside the organization’s boundaries. The ecosystem of modern organizations expects business processes to span cross-company boundaries and firewalls. Content collaboration between users inside the organization, as well as with users external to the organization is now common. Similarly, employees of an organization now expect to access and use content management system not only from their office desktop or laptop, but remotely as well. Today’s mobile workforce expects content management systems to permit mobile access and provide applications with a mobile interface.

New capabilities of IBM Content Manager (CM8) for Digital Enterprise include:

  • Native iOS and Andriod apps for IBM Content Manager: IBM Navigator Mobile for iOS and Android are now available at Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. Each of these is a native application with support for auto layout and adaptive view and can be configured for IBM Content Manager repository.
  • Mobile SDK and samples for iOS: Are you ready to develop your own mobile apps that need to access content in IBM Content Manager? Download the SDK and mobile samples from here.
  • IBM ECM Mobile apps for use with IBM Content Manager: Datacap Mobile and IBM Case Manager Mobile are available for use with IBM Content Manager.
  • Extend the reach of your content across organizational boundaries: With IBM Content Navigator, which ships with IBM Content Manager, you can easily enable collaboration between users within your organization. With available integration of IBM Content Navigator with Box, you can now also easily enable collaboration with users outside the organization such as vendors, customers, contractors, etc. A separate subscription to box is required.
  • IBM Content Manager on Cloud: IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition is now available on Cloud on a subscription basis. It comes with implementation of IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition with IBM Content Navigator on Cloud. Separate services are available to migrate your existing content to the Cloud. Implementation of IBM Content Navigator comes standard with IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition on Cloud. In addition, IBM Content Navigator on Cloud can be configured to access content not only from IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition on Cloud, but also from your on-premise deployment of IBM Content Manager, IBM Content Manager OnDemand or other IBM ECM Content Repository. For more information about IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition on Cloud, see this link.
  • Content Security: Establishing security of content is paramount. IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition Vv8.5 Fixpack 3 provides the capability to encrypt content when you add content to a repository or modify existing content. With Content Manager Enterprise Edition  v8.5 Fixpack 6, a new Encryptor utility makes it easy to encrypt all of your existing content in one place. There is no need to migrate or replicate your content to another resource manager.

In summary, with new mobile capabilities, security, collaboration across organizational boundaries and cloud deployment options, IBM Content Manager is ready for your digital enterprise. For more information, please see the product documentation and information about the recent Fixpack.

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