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From the Pros: Six Ways to Better Leverage IBM Datacap

Optical character recognition (OCR) a.k.a. capture technology has been around for a long time – like 103-years-long-time. You can trace it back to 1914 when Emanuel Goldberg developed a machine that read characters and converted them into standard telegraph code.

In the days of Goldberg, this was an innovative technology on its own, but today, it is just one slice of the document processing technologies available to businesses. IBM Datacap is one of these technologies – it extracts information from documents, but OCR is only one part of what Datacap can do.

Pyramid Solutions has been a premier IBM Business Partner since 1996, so we have been lucky enough to leverage Datacap as an offering to our clients and see it evolve over the years.

Collectively, our Datacap Team has over 44 years of experience and receives many questions on a daily basis. I grabbed some of their time where six ways organizations could better-leverage Datacap.

#1: Leverage Datacap as an enterprise solution.

Response by Sirisha, Senior Systems Engineer, Pyramid Solutions

Many organizations restrict their Datacap installation to one business area without realizing they could leverage it as an enterprise-wide solution. When organizations leverage capture technology across the enterprise, they have an opportunity to decrease the cost associated with maintaining and supporting various disparate systems. If an organization already leverages capture technology in a single business unit, expanding and configuring it to other units should be relatively easy.

#2 Implement Datacap Insight Edition.

Response by Stephanie, Solution Consultant, Pyramid Solutions

IBM Datacap Insight Edition is a cognitive capture solution that combines advanced imaging, natural language processing, and machine-learning technologies, similar to those used in Watson, to go beyond the limits of traditional capture.

Traditional capture systems excel at capturing and extracting information from known and predictable document types such as forms. However, when it comes to complex transactions, traditional systems often need human intervention to classify and extract data from varying document formats.

One industry is life insurance. Cognitive capture can correlate hundreds of pages of an attending physician statement so an underwriter can assess an applicant’s prescription interactions, overlapping ailments, etc. and determine whether to offer a life insurance policy or deny the application.

#3 Upgrade to the latest version of Datacap.

Response by Mehnaz, Systems Engineer, Pyramid Solutions

The most recent version of Datacap released a capability we eagerly awaited: role-based redaction. This feature allows Datacap to hide (or not) personal or sensitive information. Datacap can define the field and assign a redaction reason that it sends to Content Navigator. Content Navigator, in turn, will display or mask the data, depending on the user role definition.

 #4 Consider implementing custom configurations.

Response by Dave, Principal Engineer, Pyramid Solutions

One of the greatest capabilities of Datacap is that there are hundreds of actions ready for use out of the box, while also giving us a lot of room to extend the product with tailored actions. The ability to extend and adapt Datacap as business requirements change and grow is incredibly valuable to us and our clients.

 #5 Integrate document-level reporting.

Response by Dave, Tom, Senior Systems Engineer, and Juan, Senior Systems Engineer, Pyramid Solutions

On its own, Datacap logs batch-level information such as number of current batches, what step they are in, aborted batches, and scan summary. Organizations can extend these capabilities to provide document-level reporting that produces an audit trail for each document including user activity.

 #6 Expand your knowledge by subscribing to a tech blog that features Datacap tips.

With all this expertise and wisdom in one place, we decided it is time to share with others in our new blog: Pyramid Solutions Tech Corner. The Tech Corner will feature technical blogs about Pyramid Solutions and IBM products and solutions, including Datacap tidbits.

If you’d like to read more about each of these suggestions, you can read the full blog here.

Learn more about IBM’s document capture and imaging technologies here.

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