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Content is Key for Building a Digital Business that Provides Exceptional Customer Experiences

The digital business is an imperative.  Companies can simply not compete moving forward without addressing digital transformation.  And it needs to be pervasive.  Across all processes, people, functions and information, or content.  It will reshape everything we do and every interaction we make, and it all starts with content.

Business content is the conversation you and your company has with your customers, partners, suppliers and even internally among yourselves.   Content exists to communicate something…a promise.  It’s the confirmation, or legal record of a transaction, an interaction or intent.  It’s how you sell to your customer.  It’s how you build your product or service.  It’s how you execute your strategy.  It’s how you collaborate with your suppliers and partners.  It’s how you interact with all your stakeholders. These conversations can take place in more traditional forms like email, contracts, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, statements, or any number of other documents.  But it’s not just documents.  Content exists in audio, video, social-media and even Internet of Things.  When you see all of these critical conversations going on throughout your organization with content in the center of them all, it’s easy to see that you need a strategy and the right tools for making your content managed, secure, compliant and available to those who need it, when they need it and where they need it to make better decisions and take swift, confident action.

aberdeenblogSpecifically, building a digital business has many benefits, but perhaps the best one of all is to get a complete view of your customer and provide exceptional customer experiences.  That’s really the reason an organization exists.  If you have started your digital transformation journey, or are looking for insights on how building a digital business and providing top-notch customer experiences, please consider attending  The Aberdeen Group webinar titled: Content as a Customer Experience Imperative: Lay the Foundation for your Digital Business.

The Aberdeen Group has done a lot of research around building the digital business and customer centricity.  They will share some interesting findings from their research, and give insights around:

  • Why companies are evolving to become digital?
  • The role of content in building the digital business and driving top-notch customer experiences
  • Three dimensions to build and nurture a successful digital business
  • Real-life examples

Please join us on March 15th, 2017 at 11am ET for this free webinar with Q&A featuring Omer Minkara from The Aberdeen Group and David Jenness from IBM.  Register today!

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