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IBM Datacap Insight Edition – at the forefront of Cognitive Computing

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Wow!  What any exciting time to be part of IBM and the information technology industry.  Over the next few years, IBM will lead in the explosive growth of Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IBM Datacap Insight Edition will play a major role in this next generation of computing.

Approximately 80% of data in organizations is unstructured, the majority being in documents, emails and email attachments.  IBM Datacap Insight Edition is used to unlock critical content in these unstructured data sources using text analytics, machine learning and natural language processing.  Think about all the information that resides in a medical record, immigration file, mortgage loan file, insurance claim folder, employee file, or shipping manifest.  Unlocking this data can help uncover diseases, provide customer insight, identify fraud, provide revenue generating opportunities, enhance global trade and protect countries against terrorism.

Get started on the cognitive capture journey with IBM

Unfortunately, many organizations feel “locked in” to their current document imaging and capture system.  The traditional IT vendor approach is to make “switching costs” too high; and therefore, it’s very difficult to change strategies.  IBM, however, through public cloud, private cloud and open source, is allowing customers to sidestep this vendor hurdle.  Rather than maintaining the status quo, organizations are looking to IBM to complement and enhance, or replace, their current capture systems to eliminate costs, reduce cycle times and improve customer service.  More importantly, organizations are looking to IBM to help guide them beyond the traditional capture process and focus on how they can leverage unstructured content throughout the enterprise.

Private companies and government agencies can be assured IBM will be at the forefront of Cognitive Computing, and will not be “locked in” to a system.  Instead, customers will take advantage of the data and analytics IBM and its partners accumulate across industries, opening up an endless world of possibilities.

Given the constant growth and changes in data, this is undoubtedly a journey.  It’s no longer “who has the richest product functionality”, it’s “who has the richest data” and “how can I leverage this data as an asset to my business.”

3d rendering of human brain on programming language backgroundIBM will continue to lead the charge in Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  IBM has the breadth and depth to handle the proliferation of data, stringent security and compliance requirements, and necessary processing speed to turn data into immediate, actionable assets.

To learn more about IBM Datacap Insight Edition and how to take the journey with IBM, please visit here!


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